Storyline Training?

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  1. ~A Camera goes live in the locker room as Alkatrz stares at it, he silently and slowly signals the camera to follow him into the locker room. Alkatrz then takes a seat on a bench for 5 seconds. There is a knock on the door, the camera turns around and Alkatrz walks into the changing room. The camera man confused turns around and can still see Alkatrz sitting on the bench. There is another knock on the door. The camera man regrettably turns back around, as Alkatrz walks into the locker room. The camera man drops the camera in fear as he keeps seeing Alkatrz appear out of no where and runs out the locker room. Alkatrz then picks up the camera and aims it a his face.~

    [Mumbling] - How I love the smell of fear...

    ~Alkatrz then drops the camera and the screen goes to black~