Storyline Trevor Raynor speaks out against the participants of the X-Division Tournament

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    The scene fades in on Trevor Raynor relaxing on a futon. A male interviewer off camera begins to speak

    Interviewer: I'm joined here today with IWT's brand new talent, Trevor Raynor. Next week Trevor Raynor is competing in a #1 Contenders tournament to face Nick for his X Division title at Summerslam. His first opponent in this 6-man tournament is a man named Aiden Ryan. Recently Mr. Ryan himself had some strong words for the participants in the #1 Contenders tournament. Here's what Mr. Ryan had to say....

    Interviewer: What are your reactions to this statement from Aiden Ryan?

    Trevor Raynor: Hmmmm, well, I could be wrong but, I'd have to assume that Aiden Ryan is referring to me when he talks about people trying to skip ahead of him. He saw me enter this company and head straight for this #1 Contenders tournament. Many others had to pay their dues and make a name for themselves before they got anywhere near a championship. However, that isn't that case for me. Aiden Ryan i'm going to do exactly what I "naive fool" would do, and I'm going to skip ahead on the "Ladder of Success". I don't have the patience to pay any dues. Making a name for myself is something I plan on doing by winning this #1 Contenders tournament. Maybe I'll get knocked off this ladder and land on my ass. But, that's what I'm all about, shooting for the top. I'm interested to see what happens if I skip ahead of you Aiden Ryan, I really am.

    Interviewer: More strong words from Mr. Raynor towards Mr. Ryan however, there are 4 other men that you have to worry about in this tournament. What do you have to say about them?

    Trevor Raynor: Now that you've brought it up I haven't done much thinking about the other men in this tournament. However, me and Jwab go way back as do me and Bruce Knight. Facing one of them in the triple threat match will be a pleasure. Justin Magnus and Clobbersaurus are names I haven't heard of until today, which is probably a good thing. *Raynor chuckles*

    Interviewer: Well that's all the time we have today Mr. Raynor, I wish you the best of luck in your In-Ring Debut.

    Raynor nods to the camera as the scene fades out.
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