Storyline Trial By Fire.

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  1. *The lights go completely out.*

    *Fire explodes from both sides of the ramp, being the only source of light. The stage lights transition into a shade of gold as Mark Knight makes his entrance, and is met with only a tiny negative reaction. The rest stay quiet as they are still unsure what to make of the anomaly. Mark hops onto the apron, and steps over the ropes.*

    I came, I saw, I lost. Two times have I entered this ring, and both of those times I have walked out without my hand being raised. The most recent time took place at SummerSlam, in a battle royal for an opportunity at the Television Title. I made it to the final three, and lets just say the better man, or woman in this case... won. However, I do not think that is the last I will be seeing of Kelsey. And next time, the situation will be different.

    Now I could easily bore each and every single one of you, and tell how things might have been different if I had done this. Or I could find the members of The Underappreciated, band together with them, and complain about not being in a favorable spot. Shooting down the IWT in the process. Or I can man up, and realize that I am the one at fault. Not the company.

    And so I shall. I may have walked out of SummerSlam without a title shot, but I already find myself in the midst of another one. And this one is filled with rising stars, a bonifide former Hall of Famer, and even the General Manager himself. Some people say that there is victory in defeat, and that is the case here. I recognize what I did wrong, but now I capitalize and move forward.

    I will be in the finals of the tag tournament, even if I have to carry my partner's unconscious body to get there. He may be my partner, but this is my own personal trial by fire. And anyone who gets in my way, will get burnt.

    *Scene fades.*

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