Storyline Trip at Uprising

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    *He walks out wearing his vest reading, "Stone Cold" and wearing a cap as well as tight jean shorts. Looking angry at the 19 second mark*

    "Shut that off before i walk back there and whip your ass!"

    *Crowd Pop and Boo's*

    "Now i've already destroyed Gav verbally and i destroyed him mentally by dismantling Dazzler. I think it's about time everyone in this buildin hear's my opinion my 2nd opponent at Uprising, Trip!"

    "For the last couple of days everytime i'm sittin their with Farooq not understanding a damn word the guy says and drinking 1 brianwiser.....2.....3.....4....5....6.....7.....5 cases! Some smart mark S.O.B asks me what are you going to do with Trip! Well i'm here to say that i'm going to whip his ass just as soon as i'm done whippin Chav's ass! I haven't seen Dazzle since i beat the crap out of him and i'm pretty sure that the same thing is going to happen with Mr. DIY Trip!

    *Crowd Boos*

    Farooq and the JOB Squad got my back in this match! Gav's got the idiot Dazzle in his corner and Trip you will never have someone in your corner because every sum bitch from Reagan to Bryant can kick your ass and they know that even their support will get you on the receiving end of ass kicking! Why? Because I Said So!

    *He drops the mic and starts walking back while the crowd starts chanting We Want Aids, We Want Aids*