Storyline Trip in the Head prepares for his EC qualifier

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  1. *The camera turns but is dark and a rustling can be heard in the darkness. A voice speaks, which is easily identifiable as Trip's. The video feed remains mostly black with a few spots on the ground visible by moonlight*
    TRIP: Heh heh heh, tonight I face Nick in an IWT EC qualifier match. An old...."acquantice", if you will. I'm sure you are all wondering if I'm prepared........
    *Suddenly Trip runs into the shot at the camera on all fours and stops with his face mere inches from the lens. Now all that can be seen in the video feed is Trips wide maniacal grin across his face. His long hair hanging down in front of his face, the dark making it hard to pick out any specific details*
    TRIP: The Order is always prepared! *Trip grins at the camera* We see into your dreams and we know your fears. I will use both of these to send Nick back to the pile of rubble he and Victoria Parker left behind when they escaped the Asylum. And I'm not even speaking of sending Nick BACK to the Asylum itself, no no no. That would insinuate that I care about him being taken care of after I rip him to shreds tonight at Uprising. *Trip takes a few steps back from the camera, and now his whole upper torso can be seen. Trip points at the camera as he continues to speak, his features barely discernable in the low level of light* The only thing Nick will be going back to is the rubble and dead bodies left in Vicky's wake. That way he'll fit right in with the other "dead" beats, HAAAAAA HAhahahaha. *Trip leans in closer to the camera so just his mouth is visible again as he says calmly* Give in to the Order.

    *The camera feed cuts out to static, but the picture comes back shortly. The shot is now of the remains of the destroyed Asylum where Victoria Parker and Nick both spent some time. Construction crews are still clearing the wreck and bodies are being pulled from the wreckage. Trip's laugh is heard one more time as music begins playing in the background.........*

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  2. OOC: sweet promo, looking forward to our match. I may not be home when the thread is made, so I just wanna let you know now that i want to go first :tough:
  3. OOC: Fine with me man, thanks for the heads up. Glad you liked this, just tried to go for the short in-between matches type promo for an upcoming match.