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  1. continued from -

    *The After Show*

    *Bodies strewn everywhere. Medics all racing to help the fallen. Trip in the Head finally starts to move and refuses help, knowing what damage has been done to the image of his once proud company. He walks off backstage not using the ramp. A small camera crew follows him hoping to get some words*

    Reporter: Mr. Trip in the Head - do you have any comments on what has transpired? What will happen now that FSW has defeated your hand picked team of IWT stars?

    *Trip doesn't even acknowledge the reporter. He opens the door to his office and slips through the door, slamming it shut behind him before the camera can follow. The reporter looks into the camera puzzled for a few minutes, trying to figure out what is going on. The office door swings open and Trip walks out in jeans and an old "Trip's Butcher Shop" t-shirt. He holds a large bottle of Jameson whiskey in one hand, some of the bottle already gone. In his other hand is a sheet of paper. He slaps the paper onto his office door and the camera shows the words "Job Vacancy" hand written on the paper. For a moment Trip mumbles something*

    I guess you get your wish after all Alias *hic*

    *Again Trip pays no attention to the camera or the reporter as he makes his way to his 2015 Chevy Camaro in the parking garage, swigging whiskey the whole way. As he closes the driver's side door the camera gets a good shot of the bottle and there is not much left to it already. Trip slams the door hard and starts his car - his radio blaring so loud the license plate rattles. He puts the car in reverse and backs out his quickly before cutting the wheel and hitting the brakes, spinning the car around to face the exit. Trip peels rubber and takes off out of the garage into the night*

    Epilogue (open)
    Police reports say that a hit and run accident occurred not far from the IWT Survivor Series PPV. Two vehicles, one a 2015 Chevy Camaro with the license plate TRIP, were found totaled along the interstate. The owner of the second vehicle has yet to be indentified but the other likely belonged to IWT GM Trip in the Head. No bodies have been found.
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  2. I would like to apply for the position of IWT GM.
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  3. Adam's new character "God" has taken Trip.
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  4. Oh my this is really cool. I can just imagine how crazy it's gonna be when Trip rises from the dead.
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  5. Glad you liked it. Had to deal with the grief
  6. So, am I GM yet?
  7. :no:
  8. Ill put my name in, but I think after that loss and lack of change in iwt, maybe the CEO should be up for grabs also.
  9. No bodies found? Man, i smell foul play. Someone is collecting death insurance
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  10. I hear it's being wired to the IWT. Can't wait for that raise.
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  11. Can someone kill that dipshit jonathan
  12. Bring Anonymous back for it.
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  13. This is the most active I've seen Danny in IWT for some time now :razer:
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  14. Shush.
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  15. :dawg::dawg::dawg:
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  16. Someone kill him and ill come back
  17. Danielson brings the ratings.
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