Storyline Trip licks his wounds

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  1. *The camera turns on and we see a trail in the forest at night. The sky is clear and the moon is full. The sky looks like it contains a million diamonds with no other light pollution to prevent the stars from shining to their full potential. A rustling is heard of camera as a shadowy figure enters the shot on the trail from the lower right of the shot. As the figure makes it further down the trail we can tell it is Trip, head down and muttering to himself about recent events in the IWT. The camera begins to follow Trip*

    TRIP: *muttering* Grrrrrrrr, I can't believe it! Defeated again! All these tag matches and the only one I can win is the one where I was on a team that disbanded on me suddenly and left me to rot. Is there anyone I CAN count on? *A wolf howling is heard and Trip stops suddenly and sniffs the air. The wolf appears in the current shot at a distance Trip motions to it* Well what do we have here? *Trip kneels down and greets the wolf with a friendly hand. Trip grins, stands and continues down the trail, the wolf now following behind him*

    *The camera continues to follow Trip as he makes his way through the path in the woods with the wolf following behind him. He eventually reaches a cave entrance and turns to the wolf, patting it on the head. The wolf whimpers*
    TRIP: Thanks, I'll be fine. I just need to lick my wounds, you know how that is. *The wolf bows it's head a little* Hmmmm, you need a name I think. Give me some time to think about it. *Trip then enters the cave to reflect on his current standing in the IWT. The wolf sits in front of the entrance to the cave and howls once again at the moon. Trip returns for a moment and throws what looks to be a human shin bone with some meat on it out to the wolf. The wolf sits and gnaws on the bone as the camera fades*

    OOC: Who wants to help me name him??? Anyone? Serious suggestions please.
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  2. OOC: obviously Manticore
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  3. This. Or Cerberus.
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  4. Or we could just call him wolfy :lol1:
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  5. Hellhound, Anubis, Old Yeller, Fluffy
  6. Fluffy the destroyer of worlds
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  7. :awyeah::hmm:All good so far, but I am liking the first 2 the best. Manticore or Cerebrus. I generally suck at naming things is why I asked. Still open to more.
  8. OOC dude i'm so fucked with all the huge character moves made recently....and i love it. You, Nick, Arab, Adam, and do i even have to mention GAV THE FUCKING CHAV have just been out of this world as of recent. IWT really has been great, awesome post.
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  9. Thanks. Also, being fucked is part of the job when you're the champ right?
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  10. OOC: Call Him.....Mini Me.....
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  11. I'd like to assume i get to do at least part of the fucking, and not always being the fucked :haha:
  12. Well i wasn't around for the 1st one and the last 2 were back to back, so we'll see, won't we?
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  13. That's what they mean when they say...*takes off sunglasses*'re on top

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  14. Also, don't forget ol VP. She is undergoing some kind of change.
  15. I'm hyped for the rest of the year. The roster is getting better and better.
  16. her being awesome is far from new though.
    :awyeah: hahaha
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  17. Oooooo, Fenris, there's a good one
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  18. OOC: Damn, 107 views? Sweet. Ok, time to add a little more to the story.

    *The sun sets in the west and Trip is sitting high on the rock that makes up his home of sorts. He seems deep in thought. Night comes and the sky is once again full of stars. The moon is bright and full. The wolf from before comes up behind Trip slowly, almost stalking him. When it gets close enough he raises a hand with his index finger extended as if to say "I know you're there". The wolf then puts his head under Trip's hand and sits next to Trip*

    TRIP: *Looking at the wolf* Fenris *The wolf looks confused* That's what I'll call you. *The wolf lays down next to Trip and he stares into the stars* You know Fenris, I have let myself down as of late. All these so called superstars have run roughshot over ol' Trip in the Head here. *Fenris whimpers and Trip pats his head some more* Oh don't worry. *Makes a fist with the opposite hand* I'm not going to take it laying down thats for sure. I just have to pick my moment.

    *Suddenly Trip notices smoke from a campfire in the woods not that far away. Fenris stands, bears his teeth and growls*
    TRIP: Calm down buddy. I'll get dinner tonight. *Trip jumps down from the perch and makes his way towards the smoke. The camera zooms out as screams are heard in the night and Fenris howls at the moon. Camera fades to black*
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  19. OOC: manticore would've been the tits
  20. OOC: Ya, but I read up on Fenris, he EATS ODIN DURING RAGNAROCK. How cool is that?