Triple H MRI

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  1. Triple H underwent an MRI to rule out a scaphoid fracture of his wrist, which is normally caused when someone falls on their hand with all their weight landing on it.

    - Here is a photo of Triple H getting his MRI on Monday:

  2. His face = :pity2:

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  3. but in a different angle :tyson:
  4. My dad just got an MRI too :haha: well hope he's okay. I'm sure he'll be burying people in no time once he's in better shape :yay:
  5. As noted earlier, Triple H underwent an MRI on his wrist on Monday. WWE's website has posted an update reporting that Triple H suffered a contusion and carpal sprain to his left wrist. Triple H will have to wear a splint for the next few weeks.

    WWE is teasing that Triple H may not be able to perform in the steel cage match at Extreme Rules against Brock Lesnar. WWE doctor Michael Sampson added that Triple H may not be able to perform at Extreme Rules but will be able to train.
  6. :lol1: What a waste of Brock and Heyman's great promo on Monday if true. ER is looking like it might not be better than WM after all. I should go change my perchentage in the other thread.
  7. Nice pic but yeah, everything about ANOTHER rematch with them sounds bad for me.
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