Triple H on SmackDown

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  1. WWE announced on tonight's RAW that Triple H will be returning to SmackDown on this Friday's show.

    R.I.P Smackdown. [​IMG]
  2. Lol @ Triple H being too pussy to face the Raw fans.
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  3. inb4EditedCrowdCheers
  4. be cool if lesnar turned up and f5ed him
  5. One can only hope for a teary eyed retirement speech.

    On second thought, yeah, he didn't wan't to get booed on RAW. :pity2:
  6. Lmao this
  7. Hahaha I'm a Triple H mark but it does feel like he thought they were going to boo/ignore him strong so he told them to change his stuff to SD.
  8. I haven't seen HHH in SD since RTWM of WWE12'
  9. LOL Yea he probably didn't want to get booed out of the building by RAW fans.
  10. Triple H gets the most hate out of anyone on this forum.
  11. Not sure why, he's only one of the best of all time. The best heel of all time and has had a numerous spree of 5 star matches, including 2 in the last 3 WM's, despite only being a part time guy with a podgey belly. Let's have Khali main event.
  12. 5 star matches? Eenope. Make them 4/10 and I'll agree with you.
  13. His matches with Undertaker, especially the HITC was a 5 star match by PG era standards certainly, perhaps not a decade or so ago.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. It was good, it was a 5 of 10 to me...
  16. :youdontsay:
  17. :dawg:
  18. It wasn't a great segment imo. WWE creates bad segments lately imo