Triple H Yells At The Miz Backstage At RAW

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  1. (WWE) - Partial Source: Pwinsider

    During the Si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack Challenge on Monday's RAW SuperShow, R-Truth attempted a slingshot somersault onto The Miz but his fall was not absorbed due to the former WWE Champion being out-of-position. R-Truth ended up falling back-first onto the floor, causing his head to whip back. At that point, the referee decided R-Truth was no longer able to compete and personnel assisted him to the locker room area. has confirmed that R-Truth avoided serious injury after suffering the fall. The basic outline of the match remained the same but adjustments were made from what was initially planned.

    The Miz is being blamed for the errant spot. There was a ton of heat on him from company officials, including Triple H, backstage after the show. The WWE Executive Vice President of Talent "loudly disciplined" The Miz in front of wrestlers as soon as he returned to the back.

    According to sources, The Miz has been on a losing streak in 2012 because he has become the scapegoat for the "lower-than-expected" Survivor Series PPV buyrate.
  2. Miz is being blamed for everything, Survivor series and now this...give the guy a break i'm sure he's been out there travelling alot i just feel bad for him.
    It's just not right to blatantly yell at him infront of the wrestlers.
  3. I wish Miz would have replied "At least I can entertain the crowd and trend on Twitter, you spotlight hogging moron"
  4. If he wanted to get fired on the spot rofl

    HHH had every right to bitch Miz out. There was no reason for him to botch that, he had plenty of time to get in position and he straight up hesitated and bitched out.

    I've already commented on the Survivor Series buyrates, obviously it's bull shit for Miz to be blamed for that
  5. It's an accident, you can't yell at an accident. Triple H has botched in more extreme fashion, what would you rather have, whiplash or a broken neck?
  6. Complete bollocks they're giving Miz a hard time for no reason. Jeez mistakes happen they do in every single line of work and day to day life so to shout at him in front of other wrestlers back stage is actually unprofessional one of the first thing they teach you on any basic management course!

    Secondly despite all this Miz is still a imo massively popular superstar so the WWE need to pull there heads out of where the sun don't shine give the guy a break and start giving him a run again in the near future!
  7. Agree to disagree. I'd have had Miz's ass if I were Triple H. The result of the botch shouldn't matter, it was a dangerous spot for Miz to puss out on like that, and Truth could have been hurt a lot worse, and at the time HHH was bitching him out they didn't know he wasn't hurt yet I'm sure.

    It's a basic spot and Miz can't be hesitating like a little girl. Get in position and do your job
  8. Even so as I stated to shout at someone in front of other people is unprofessional so Triple HHH is showing basic missmanagement skills there!
  9. Being a professional wrestler isn't a profession for the weak minded. I'm sure Miz can handle it, and if not he can go back to reality television
  10. Yes but surely to promote backstage unity etc they should actually be running the company the correct way and not basically making people look crap in front of others regardless what happened!

    Pretty sure if it'd been Sheamus who'd messed up HHH wouldn't have blown his top at him??
  11. Mate Miz was just out of position, it's a harmless accident. You do know he competed half his match at WM last year with a concussion? I wouldn't call that a pussy personally. Did you see what happened to his head?

    Getting shouted at helps no one. Miz was actually really caught up about what he done, he was obviously struck by it afterwards as he did a minor clothesline botch. Getting shouted at doesn't help that does it.
  12. I didn't call Miz a pussy, I said he pussed out. He was out of position because he looked up, saw the move coming, and hesitated. I've seen the Miz bump from Mania (towards the end of the match, far from halfway through) and yea, I cringe, and I applauded his toughness for weeks after.

    As far as yelling helping nothing, probably not, but it's a bunch of roided up dudes in that environment emotions will spill over. Like I said, Miz is a big boy, I'm sure he can take it. Compared to all of the shit he caught when he first came to the WWE from guys like Bradshaw I'm sure he has learned to let shit brush off his shoulder. Had HHH pulled him into his office and discussed it like gentleman would it have been more professional? of course. But this isn't a 9-5 office job, and I think that would be the exception of the rule, not the rule.

    I look at it like a coach yelling at his player. It happened to me plenty in high school lol. No big deal. You learn and you move on
  13. I see your point, but when someone is in a position of power like HHH it's crucial to be professional. Sure Miz has dealt with more, but I'd feel a little pissed off if I were Miz. Does more media than anyone, he says the most common value of hours he gets sleep is 3 hours. Imagine going to sleep at 4am, waking up at 7am and doing interviews all day until 5-8pm. I'd want to be allowed to concede an accident here and there.

    But you're completely right, sometimes emotions overflow and spill everywhere, but if that's the exception to the rule then surely it applies to Miz? "Sometimes you just makes mistakes that can't be helped" is identical to that original statement right? Maybe I'm letting my hatred for HHH cloud my judgement, but I think yelling at him in front of everyone was a completely wrong move which was my original point in this thread.
  14. Fair point I just think it's poor that a person in power went about the situation the wrong way. However you're correct and it does happen emotions do run high it does happen. Suppose I'm sticking up for the Miz as first I aint a big HHH fan and second have been in this situation myself at work recently and the fallout from it has been highly detrimental to my work environment so it's just something I maybe myself get a bit angry about atm!
  15. I admitted it from my first post in this thread the guy doesn't deserve to be yelled out infront of other superstars that is definitely not professional from HHH.

    On the other side i would like to say Miz is a pussy, end of discussion.
  16. So glad I re-installed the facepalm smiley.

  17. Inb4 Miz leaves for TNA.
  18. The Miz won't leave.
    Alberto Del Rio got yelled by Mr. McMahon and that is way worse than Big nose.
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    AND I'M

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