Trish The Dish

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  1. The "Hottest Diva" thread motivated me to share this. I'd forgotten all about it frankly. It's pretty good though.

    I combine great fap-worthy pics/footage of Trish with footage of her wrestling her ass off as Women's Champion.

    The opening montage of pics are boner worthy.
  2. 10/10. would watch again.
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  3. Meh 4/10. The video isn't that good, search a bit and you'll find better pics of her
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  4. You're welcome
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  5. 1000000000000/10, watched the video twice. What a babe and the fact she is a great wrestler too. Best 2 things in this world wrapped up into one package :gusta:
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  6. Thanks guys.

  7. Thanks a lot dude, that's what I was hoping to capture. A combination of 'Wow she's really talented" and "UNCONTROLLABLE BONERS"
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  8. Not trolling. I believe you can even see her nipples if you know how to search for it.
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  9. Oh yeah dude I've seen that gif. She's got the hose and the white t-shirt? It's very nice.
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