True New Jersey Story Episode 1

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  1. #WWWFY
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  2. This is a great installment of your first webisode. Congrats again on your victory over Senhor - it was certainly well deserved. I can't wait for Tuesday and our big day :)

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    but seriously this was so hilarious I was dying of laughter the whole time. Great job buddy :)
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    Love this Ryder's parody, but man, why the hell was Gohan fucking Britt? Loved how you ended the video.

    That was awesome
  4. That was hilarious! I hope you do these each week. :woo1:
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  5. Can wait for your next episode. Maybe after the wedding
  6. True New Jersey Story Episode 2: The Honeymoon
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  7. So are you a woman or a child Rodrigo?
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    Lol, great video Dat Kid, Loved it, wonder what Gohan will say
  9. Lets find out :ksi:

    Respect Gohan6425
  10. :cry: I knew I shouldn't have stood in front of that chasm.
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  11. #TheMoreYouKnow
  12. Entertaining stuff
  14. Thanks for intro picture
  15. You have a beautiful face. Not gonna lie.

    I'd make out with you, and I'm not even gay

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    ..or am I? :ksi:
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  16. Fucking lol'd at the ending. Great video m8.
  17. You are, I can vouch for that. :happy: