TUE - Totally Unoriginal Entertainment - because fantasy real wrestling feds are

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What type of Fantasy Fed do you want?

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  2. Half and Half

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  3. Comedy

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  1. That's right, here's my foray into fantasy wrestling feds for WWEF.

    The basis behind this, is I'll randomly put cards together consisting of various current wrestling talent and such, and maybe record them or not. You'll get results and stuff like that, however. As for a roster... well, you'll get to decide what the heck I'm going to go with.

    1. Serious Roster, get only the best of the best.
    2. An even balance of serious and comedic guys

    The one that gets the most votes, I'll put together a 30 man roster for the show, as well as Titles. Since I do have a few titles in my head right now.

    Edit: Take no offense by the opening title, I'm poking fun at myself, mostly.
  2. TUE - Totally Unoriginal Entertainment - because fantasy real wrestling feds are SUCH

  3. TUE - Totally Unoriginal Entertainment - because fantasy real wrestling feds are SUCH

    Okay, just so you know, the comedic option would involve booking Kevin Nash. You can't have wrestling comedy without a Nash Quad Tear.
  4. Nash vs Trips in a Quad vs Quad match :steiner:
  5. It'd involve a 'Where are they now' title.
  6. Is Steiner on color commentary? I demand Steiner and Booker T do commentary!
  7. If enough people want the comedy part, then yes, yes they will.
  8. I'm voting half and half. I love technical wrestling and seriousness but every show needs comedy elements. Gimme Steiner/Booker on color commentary and a serious PBP man :gusta:
  9. ... Mike Tenay?
  10. Not a fan of Tenay. TNA's newest announcer Tod Kennely is miles ahead of tenay (might be an age thing with Tod being much younger).
  11. Actually, Comedy and Serious. I'll bring back Tony Schiavone
  12. Comedy, Jesus Christ that would be awesome.
  13. Everyone wants Comedy, so it looks like it'll either be a 50/50 split... or all comedy. I already have a list of comedy picks.
  14. yolo

    Booking? He should be the champion..... after winning with a taser.... then losing after a finger poke to a pensioner.
  15. Okay, enough debate, I'm going half and half, because you obviously need to have Daniel Bryan, who can be serious and comedic at the same exact time.

    Give me a bit and I'll edit or post in a roster.

    Got a full roster, tried to break down an even amount of seriousness with comedy:

    1. Glacier
    2. Kevin Nash
    3. Daniel Bryan
    4. Christopher Daniels
    5. Delirious
    6. Chris Jericho
    7. Scott Hall
    8. Santino Marella
    9. Super Dragon
    10. Monty Brown
    11. Shinsuke Nakamura
    12. CM Punk
    13. Colt Cabana
    14. Kazarian
    15. Kevin Steen
    16. Sin Cara
    17. TAKA Michinoku
    18. Rocky Romero
    19. Alex Kozlov
    20. Alex Shelley
    21. Paul London
    22. Brian Kendrick
    23. Chris Sabin
    24. Eric Young
    25. Damien Sandow
    26. Zema Ion
    27. Austin Aries
    28. Ahmed Johnson
    29. Goldust
    30. Maven

    TUE Gold World Title - Main Title - Vacant
    TUE 'Where Are They Now' Title - Secondary Title - Vacant
    TUE Best Friends Tag Titles - Vacant
  17. TUE Smash(SUCH A GENERIC NAME) - December 6th 2012 Card:

    FEATURING COMMENTARY FROM BOOKAH T and SCOTT 'HEH' STEINER and Tony Schaivaone, I mean Schaivonie, I mean... THAT GUY FROM WCW.

    Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Double Dragon(SUPER DRAGON and American Dragon Daniel Bryan Danielson)

    TUE 'Where Are They Now' Title Tournament First Round:
    Ahmed Johnson vs Scott Hall(or Goldust, providing a No Show from Hall)

    TUE 'Where Are They Now' Title Tournament First Round:
    Monty Brown vs Maven

    Sin Cara vs Delirious

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs CM Punk

    Predictions anyone?