Storyline Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Aiden Ryan's On Your Mark.

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  1. During a match between some talent.

    "Wait a minute..."

    A Metal Baseball bat is slowly twirling round and round as a whistling sound is heard from a far.
    "Twinkle... Twinkle...."
    A voice whispers as Aiden Ryan is shown on the rampway skipping down with the metal bat held behind him.
    Wearing a skull mask and his fringe cascading over it. the creepy ryan has stunned the universe as the arena becomes silent... almost dead.
    "Twinkle... Twinkle... Little Star, Soon you'll wonder how damn far..."
    "How far will Aiden Ryan go? Will he stop? No One Knows?"
    "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Aiden Ryan is on your mark..."

    An Evil laughter begins to brew as he runs up the steel steps in a bubbly manner, skipping across the apron he drops to his knee's and slides under the bottom rope.
    "Twinkle... Twinkle... Little Star."
    Lifting himself up he begins to skip around the ring slowly. The Camera then zooms into the bat which states a list of names upon them.
    "Trevor Raynor..."
    "Justin Magnus..."

    Exiting the ring, Aiden hops off the apron and skips up the rampway slowly with the bat hanging down his left hand, and his hand in the pocket of his jeans.

    The lighting returns as the camera then switches to the commentators.
    "Well... If WWE is watching... AJ Lee has been dethroned."
    "That's not funny, this is kinda creeping me out."
    "What is scarier is that The Order Of The Night were the ones who saved Aiden, who helped him find his way... Now that Aiden Ryan could be a threat to the X Division championship, Nick has decided to turn his back on Aiden Ryan..."
    "They were never friends!"
    "Yes they were!"
    "In what aspect Renee? They were in the same stable, that's it."
    "All I want to know... Is how is our GM And Marcus Anthony feeling about this?"
    "Regardless, Nick And Aiden Ryan... if they collide... it may not be pretty."

    "Aiden Ryan... Has snapped."

    The Camera shoots back to Aiden On the rampway to which then he blows a kiss to the talent in the ring and skips away happily.

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