Twitter integration on profiles.

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  1. Nothing major but add in a box for twitter feeds on people's profiles like on HF? Possibly put it under the contact details.
  2. There's a plugin exactly like this but is down atm (when you log in it's down. Not if you're a guest), so I can't link it :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. You wanna know the real me? LOLZ.
  4. The one on HF is by labrocca, it's called MyTweets.
    I can PM it to you if you want Crayo.
  5. Hey seabs, I ran into fake you on twitter. Shall I :shovel: him/her or not?
  6. I am the fake one.
  7. :sky: Miserable. Gonna tell Mr. Crayo to help me burry the real one then.
  8. Post the link if you can Jonathan. I thought it was on but apparently not :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Crayo been calling me a mark also :upset: .
  10. It's paid so I'd prefer to PM :emoji_confused:
  11. All paid links are available to guests. Just they can't download them so it doesn't matter lol.
  12. http:emoji_confused:/ Is this the one that's down?
  13. Didn't know you had an account.

    Here: http:emoji_confused:/
  14. Not the attachment, the thread link.

    Edit: Thanks seabs
  15. FInally Crayo gave me my well deserved twitter award. :boss:

    Based God, based STEINER. :steiner:
  16. The awards are so gay.
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  17. Not compatible with 1606. Inb4utellmetoeditcompatibilityline
  18. Like anyone would :troll:{Edit the compatibility line fag}
  19. :upset:{fu seabs}
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