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  1. Whenever we are down, make sure to check our Twitter. If the site is down and we are aware of it (IE, one of us is up), then we will immediately explain the situation on Twitter so you know what's up. We also then immediately tell you when we are back up, so you're always informed.

    So I highly advise following the Twitter.

  2. Follow me on twitter :testify:
  3. :hmm: I wrosed if Crayo removed my post b/c of the size or me AD my Twitter? Anywho Follow me on twitter ! Same name as my youtube user name! :pipebomb:
  4. I could have fixed this earlier if I stayed awake later, went down about half hour after I went to sleep.
    I sacrificed my lunch break to get it back online asap.
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  5. Thank you! I kept up with Crayo (I guess it was him anyway, lol) on Twitter about it.
  6. You eat? I thought you were a robot who fixed our errors? :sad:

    Yeah I was surprised not to see you on as you're normally on here late I think. Thanks though :emoji_slight_smile:.
  7. Yea, work tired me out yesterday.
    I'm interested to see how many connections there were last night, and why MySQL didn't restart itself. I'll let you know when I get home.
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  8. Solidus is such a :boss:
  9. i have followed wwef on my new account
  10. Why is Solidus Chairmen twice?
  11. I like the facebook page, it allows me to bitch at you guys without a 140 character limit
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  12. Prove it, i dont see anyone post besides the site and hannah (who is blokced i think?) and it's just full of random likes. The only reason i know it's you is from xbox.

    Which reminds me. L4d2?
  13. You won't see it on the wall. It's like on the side of the page. Yeah I'm down for L4d2, just PM me when you're ready
  14. Done with work in 3 hours, ill be on then.
  15. Followed you as well ,raw's recap bitch
  16. Not you too :damnn: :haha:
  17. Just followed the twitter link :emoji_slight_smile: Keep me updated!
  18. I will mah brotha! And then, I'm making you the muscle of the TNA forum.
  19. Check out my prediction cup X2 :TESTIFY:

    TNA >WWE:mad2:
  20. Congrats! You won the Lockdown contest, right?