Payback Two Matches Confirmed

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  1. "AJ Styles will challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Sami Zayn in a match to determine whether the Payback main event would be a singles or Triple Threat contest.

    Styles was initially made the number one contender when he won last week's Fatal 4-Way match; however, Shane McMahon awarded Zayn an opportunity to join the picture after Kevin Owens attacked Zayn before last week's crucial bout.
    Wanting Owens to earn his opportunity, Shane-O-Mac announced a contest between Owens and Cesaro for an opportunity to challenge The Miz for the IC Title at Payback, a bout that Cesaro won.

    Reigns-Styles and Miz-Cesaro are the second and third contests to be booked for Payback, as The Wyatt Family is on a collision course with the League of Nations."

    Meh. I would have liked to see Cesaro face someone better. Reigns is burying AJ, we all know that.
  2. Anderson & Gallows attacked Uso's on Raw.
    Who are the Uso's related to? Reigns
    Who have Anderson & Gallows got history with? Styles
    Get the jist, eh?
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  3. - But you're gonna like it when Cesaro defeats The Miz. Plus, the match will be good.

    - I wouldn't bet on that. Don't be surprised if/when Gallows and Anderson get involved and help Styles win. #BULLETCLUB4LYFE
  4. Bullet Club likely wont happen for awhile they need that for a huge pop.
  5. For all we know, they could be waiting for Finn Bálor. Or, Bullet Club/whatever they're gonna be called happens as soon as Payback.
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  6. Their 'huge' pop will be Rollins' return to help out his former brother in arms. Nevertheless, they're in Chicago. They'll get a good pop, even though they should probably be boo'd.
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  7. Bray Wyatt got injured so their feud with LON is gonna have to wait.
  8. Speaking of Cesaro - how long is Kidd out for now?
  9. He got injured in early June last year and he's been out ever since. Kidd announced he'd be out of action for over a year.
  10. Isn't there some doubt over whether Kidd will even return in the ring considering how he was pretty lucky to even be able to walk again?

    (I hope he does return though, I need to see Cesaro and Kidd tag team and blow my mind again.)
  11. Of course there's some doubt whether TK should return to the ring, 'cause only 5% of people survive the injury he suffered.
  12. I feel bad supporting a house show seeing as to how all the injuries are happening there.
  13. Most people dont survive the Hart treatment, IF he returns it should be for a midcard belt.

    Let's be honest, Kidd earned it and is qualified to be champ.
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  14. Injuries can happen anytime, tbf. Just look at Neville.
  15. Yea I know it just seems like everybody is blaming the injuries on house shows, being overworked an what not.
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