Two non-kayfabe questions.

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Crayo, May 2, 2013.

    1. Would you guys want thread prefixes in here like "Kayfabe" and "Non kayfabe" so we can separate the in character threads and the out of character threads?
    2. Should this be its own section now? It's a sub-forum to a section that is far less active than this one. Why not have this as the main section, and "Be The Booker" as the sub-forum?
    Let me know what you guys think. Just trying to help this place, as it's just an awesome creation.
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  1. I agree, let this be it's own section, hate having to scroll down through the subforum to get to it
  2. 1. Yes that would help clarify most stuff around here people won't get as confused.
    2. Yes, it has plenty of activity, and it deserves to be it's own section.
  3. 1. I think that is needed because people sometimes don't know character and out of character.
    2. YES. This place is very active and deserves its own section.
  4. You dont want crayo? Fine, ill take the name. You bags of dicks and your name changes :pity1:
  5. Changing it for other reasons this time. Anyway, answer the questions :).
  6. yes i am the champion, yes i want it to be a main forum, and yes i am the GOAT.

    You want to fight me bro?
  7. yes i am the champion, yes i want it to be a main forum, and yes i am the GOAT.

    You want to fight me bro?
  8. And no to the non kayfabe deal, tell people to learn2pm.
  9. Also fix the broken images next to my sig.
  10. oh mah lawd testify my brotha, preach it!
  11. I like the prefixes idea but I personally prefer having this as the subforum, this is more active than the Be The Booker section but the section inclides more other things, this is only the IWT company
  12. Question 1: I don't think that is necessary, everything in the IWT should be considered kayfabe unless otherwise stated within the post.

    Question 2: Most definitely, it's one of the most active sections of the forum right now.
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  13. Great move Crayo. IWT is taking over :lol1:
  14. The second part is done. Looks like the first one is hit or miss, so I won't do that for now.

    Thanks for your replies.
  15. Why Simatic? :why:
  16. Well done sir. :obama: