Two Questions:

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  1. 1. Playing GTA V
    2. Zach
  2. Like, always? She hasn't even been on since I've been back
  3. I... guess? Message her on Xbox. From what I know, no one has spoken with her.
  4. lmfao that's crazy. get a fucking life deathbane, christ
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  5. If you actually want me to maybe
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  6. VIA facebook, she is leaving to Flordia in the a.m.
  7. Oh yeah shit, didn't she post something on here months ago about moving to fl?
  8. Guess you gotta apologize to Deathbane now.
  9. I can't remember if she did or not.
  10. I mark for Zach Q&A segments. Include how I raped you at quick scoping, but then you raped me back
  11. Any questions for me Dolph?
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  12. Saw Jen on, she has a sticky in the online section for a list of apartments :lol1:
  13. I understand wanting to be away for a bit and play video games, but it's strange that she's just up and left the forums and hasn't come by at all in weeks. Maybe she got tired of it or something :meh:
  14. Probably cause Crayo called her a bitch on Skype and she got all mad.
  15. Shush, I didn't call her a bitch at all.

  16. :lol1:
  17. make the thread!
  18. How big is your vagina?
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  19. [​IMG]