Spoiler Two Title Matches Revealed For Upcoming Live NXT Takeover Special: Rival

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  1. Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...title-matches-revealed-for-wwe-next-live-nxt/

    - There have been rumors of Neville joining Owens/Zayn and making the match a triple threat. Would be cool, to be honest. But if they don't decide to throw Neville in there, then I guess they could do Balor/Neville.
  2. Sounds logical enough. I myself wouldn't put Neville in a triple threat there though.
  3. They already did Balor vs Neville at the tapings.
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  5. Useless change, I liked them the way they were..

    If they add a 3rd person to that NXT Title match, I'd choose Tyler Breeze personally but they probably won't do that.. maybe Curtis Axel?
  6. I'd like to believe this isn't too bad. I mean, I trust Hunter's gut.

    However, I do believe they'll get ruined when they get called up on the main roster. So, this is definitely not the worst change for them yet.
  7. They're starting to win me over, so... We'll see how things play out from now on.

    - A third person to the NXT championship match? Nah, I think it'll be just Zayn and Owens. If they wanted to add anybody, they would've by now.
    Maybe they'll add Breeze/Axel or Neville in that mix a bit later.
  8. Zayn is the only guy on the NXT roster with more than a 0% chance of success on the main roster. Sad but true.

    Having two guys named Blake and Murphy? No. I mean that's the worst name change by far, worse than the Ascension having one name, Big E, Rusev, Cesaro being shortened, the indy guys coming in and getting the ridiculous names like Balor we get used to, etc. Makes them seem like such nobodies. Blah.

    Haven't seen the episode yet, but thought it was a non-title match?
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  9. Being just called Murphy is worse than being called Buddy Murphy?
  10. I'd like to believe Zayn, Balor, Owens, Neville and Breeze are all going to be successful on the main roster. Hey, one can hope.

    To be honest with ya, Buddy Murphy sounds a bit cheesy, I'm actually fine with them being called Blake and Murphy. Somewhere down the road, they may actually come up with a tag team name (like The Lucha Dragons have, for instance), while still keeping the names Blake & Murphy.

    - That was a championship match, actually. It was a decent one and that whole episode was good. Make sure you watch it.
  11. When you put it that way, fair point.
    As a tag team the first-last name works better for them, imo. Can't really explain why
    But take him on his own and Buddy Murphy just sounds like he's named after Eddie Murphy's character Buddy Love. Hell to the no.
  12. Dropping the first names is a good idea, I think. I almost got confused with their names a few times
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