Two Truths, One Lie

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  1. We had this thread before, butt fuck it. (Yes, butt was on purpose for a bad joke.) I really enjoyed playing it and I learned a lot about certain people on here!

    The name of the game is Two Truths, One Lie. If you've never played/heard it before, here's how it goes. You type two facts about yourself and one lie and other people have to guess which one is the lie. For example:
    The following person has to guess which one is the lie and type two truths and one lie themeselves, so the following post would look like this:
    Now the first person confirms whether or not the second person guessed right and now has to guess the second person's lie (of course that's optional if you want to keep playing). Let the game begin!


    1. I'm afraid of walking down stairs to the extent that my ankles shiver/shake whenever I climb down stairs.

    2. The only reason I'm moderator is because I'm female.

    3. I have an OCD about having my fork and spoon match whenever I'm eating at home.
  2. 3 is a lie.

    1. I am bisexual

    2. I have 3 cats

    3. I once woke up half-naked in the middle of the park
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    Wrong! It's #2. Lmao, there's more reason to me being mod than just being female. Now I feel offended. :willis:

    #3 is a lie.

    1. I'm a vegetarian.

    2. I'm catholic.

    3. I'm bisexual.
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    1. Was a lie for me :haha: Don't ask me about 3 tho

    I think 1 is a lie because I've heard you talk about some meat once

    1. I'm addicted to weed

    2. I once drank my own piss

    3. I'm allergic to polen and hamsters
  5. Correct!

    #1 is the lie because you can't get addicted to weed. :haha:

    1. I prefer Xanth over Crayo.

    2. I'm 5'1.

    3. One boob is bigger than the other.
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  6. #2 is the lie :willis:

    1. I'm mildly autistic

    2. I smoke weed every weekend

    3. I once fapped in school
  7. Hmmmm.....
    #2 was the lie?
    1: The person that got me to start watching Wrestling was my sister.
    2: I'm a christian.
    3: I don't have any pets.

  8. Correctumundo!

    I'm gonna say #3 is the lie there.

    1. I'm a big fan of NFL
    2. I go to bed earlier in the night than just about everyone I speak to
    3. I used to hate the Undertaker
  9. Correct!
    I'm gonna go with 2.

  10. Wrong on that one, it's one. I've watched NFL once I think lol.
  11. Ahh.
  12. 1: I love Lady GaGa's music.
    2: I avoid the third step on every set of stairs.
    3: I currently have an erection talking to Jenn.
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  13. All true
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  14. Incorrect.
  15. I think #1's false.
  16. Incorrect.
  17. Ofc it's 3, it's in a different font.
  18. Number 3~

    1. I love spicy food.
    2. I love One Direction.
    3. I stopped playing Volleyball for our school team because I didn't like the uniform.

  19. No need for me to try and guess Solidus's again now that agent GTI is on the case.

    I'm gonna go with #2 for this one.
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  20. Number -1-

    -I love horror movies.
    -I once got run over by a car.
    -I'm an FC Barcelona fan.