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  1. EH!??! EH!??!?!?!?! I think it's understandable if we are going by WWE's schedule. It's gonna be a very awkward long period if we don't.

    If we actually already do this, I've asked how many uprisings are inbetween EC and Mania and the exact words was "EC, Uprising, Mania"

    2 = YAY.​

  2. What?

    Theres EC, Uprising, Mania

    EC, Uprising, Uprising, Mania.

    That was my suggestion, tubs.
  4. Lol, no. Two uprisings and a mania in a month? Nope :dawg:
  5. :why:
  6. Two Uprisings in march. And 'Mania in April. I think it would give more amazingness and build towards 'Mania.

    Come on, Jono pls
  7. Actually, scratch that. Nevermind for this idea but... I'LL BE BACK.
  8. Nope, the final uprising is to polish off any build before mania... Your mania matches should already have plentya build.
  9. I know I know. I just thought about it lol
    It was an idea posted before my brain had time to really think about it.
  10. It would be good if we actually had time to do it, but those weeks we don't have matches are good for establishing story. If we had more time it would be great to do it, but if this is something people want to have happen I'll suggest that we do a smaller Uprising, perhaps one that's 3 matches in length. I can't see it as essential though.
  11. Shut the fuck up Jwab.
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  12. :alone:
  13. I second this opinion.
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  14. :alone:
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  15. no, two uprisings before doesnt make sense, as most of the builds have been made for months - what are you going to have, MORE #1 contender matches? Matches to plan on who is #1 contender AFTER WM?

    No, IDK what is even happening at the uprising before TBH, but who is going to defend their belt weeks before WM - especially twice.
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  16. I don't know if I was the only person that was just thinking about having more matches... but I forgot... that is what dark matches are for :'(
  17. GOAT IWT thread.
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