Tyler Freeborn ICW`s presentation

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  1. Tyler Freeborn comes down to the stage, as always, getting a lot of boos and some cheers, he has a hoodie and jeans, he has his hands in his pockets, as he comes down he starts whistling his theme, he enters the ring and asks for a mic, a ringside worker hands one to him, he is in the center of the ring, ready to speak
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    Tyler Freeborn: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to ICW!

    Crowd cheers

    Tyler Freeborn: I hope most of you already know my name, but for those who are new, Hi, my name is Tyler Freeborn and I`m the Straight Edge Savior

    Crowd boos intensely, but some cheers are heard, Tyler waits for them to die out and starts talking again

    Tyler Freeborn: I`m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I came here for one reason, and that reason is: winning the ICW championship

    Crowd starts booing again

    Tyler Freeborn: you see, I have been looked as the underdog in every company I have been, and I already know that ICW won`t be the exception, I already know that because of my lifestyle and the things I belive in, people will think I`m a joke, I already know it, and I don`t have a problem with them, because, if they underestimate me, It will be a even easier win

    Some people on the crowd start cheering whle most people still boo him

    Tyler Freeborn: Yeah, keep booing me, because, with your boos, I get even more strong, it shows me that you`re weak, you choose the wrong idols, but, what can I do? , tell you who to cheer for?, that`s not my business, but whatever, you know, do your thing and I`ll do mine, and my thing… is bringing wrestling to the company

    Crowd boos, as Tyler drops the mic and goes backstage