Storyline Tyler Freeborn`s introduction

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  1. Tyler Freeborn comes out to the ring, wearing an Aids Johnson T-Shirt and jeans, The crowd doesn`t know if they should cheer or boo, as he`s coming down, he points at fans and says: ”I`m better than you, you and you”, making some people on the crowd boo, while the rest keep silent, he gets to the ring and whispers something to a worker that was there, he is handed a mic. And now he stays in the center of the ring, ready to speak

    Tyler Freeborn: Oh, hello IWT Universe, as you may, or may not know, I`m Internet Wrestling Titles` newest purchase, Tyler Freeborn!

    Some cheers come down from the crowd

    Tyler Freeborn: now, do I have your attention? ... okay, thanks, I know you may be thinking: Who knows this guy?, why did the GM brought him here?, well, first of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Tyler Freeborn, you may not know me because this is one of thefirst times working here on USA, because my hometown is Buenos Aires, Argentina, but, trust me when I tell you that I have more experience than most of the guys in the back, because I have worked all over South America and Spain and I have been on top of every company that has signed me.

    Crowd starts chanting USA

    Tyler Freeborn: Yes, chant all you want, but when this Un-American becomes your champion, you`ll have to eat those words

    Crowd boos again

    Tyler Freeborn: Enough talking about that, I want you guys to know me better, well, I consider myself the “Straight Edge Saviour”, because people don`t respect this style of life as I do, you see, I respect this almost as a religion, I think that every man or woman walking on earth should have strength, pride, dignity, honor, and, the most important thing, SELF RESPECT, and they shouldn`t engage into activities, such as smoking or drinking, or even have sexual relations with people that you don`t have an emotional bond with, that is a disgreace to their minds and bodies.

    The crowd starts clapping, in a form of respect

    Tyler Freeborn: So, If someone doesn`t think I`m telling the truth, and has a something to contradict me, I`m waiting for you!

    Tyler sits down Indian style, waiting for someone to come out
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  2. OOC: I fucking adore seeing my t-shirts being worn by new competitors. Welcome to the company brother.
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