Tyler Reks mailed me

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zamorakian, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Wow that's pretty nice of him, he's gone up in my books. I like those who've made it to help those who want to make it get there.
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    Fake, I'm callin it.. You used Chrome to edit it....

    Show Spoiler
    Just kidding, that's pretty cool... although John Cena would have been even better.
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    Lol good you made that spoiler or I would vid it for you, fuck Cena I don't like him and I'd take a RT from J.R than getting mailed by Cena.

    I admire him now, I thought that he was a selfish and cocky guy but turns out that he's actually pretty nice.

    (P.S I told him that he should be pushed)
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    I just gain a lot of respect for those who don't get too big for their boots, a big example is Cena. I'm fed up of his stale character but I respect him probably more than anyone on the roster (with Miz and Taker).
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    That's really cool actually.
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    Tyler Reks is a cool guy.
    The fact he took the time to reply to you, even if just a little amount makes him a great guy in my books.
    How did you get his email anyway? :emoji_confused:
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    Proud to get MAILED by a WWE superstar, that's cooler than getting twitter RTs and Mentions IMO.

    His blog. He's like Ryder, he has made a YT channel and blog to get more TV time by WWE.
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    What is his blog? Is it interesting?
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    Workout/Nutrition/Wellness blog. (Something along those lines)


    I put the link above just if you guys want to give it a try and get his attention or if you're just interested in what he has to offer, just press "Contact" in order to send him an email.
    Many people have sent him emails and if you're lucky enough you may get a response from him.
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    Tell him to stop stealing Kobashi's legendary finisher name.
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    Burning Hammer !
    I never got why they used that name tbh, the moves are similar in the way they look but the execution is completely different it's like calling an AA an F5. Plus Kenta has hit it what 7 times?
  12. 7 times, that's correct.
  13. I really want advice from CM Punk. Because he is from Chicago and his house is a half an hour away from where I live. So he would know how to help me since I live in Chicago as well!
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