Tyler`s First promo

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  1. Tyler freeborn comes down to the ring, wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, he`s coming down to the ring with a smirk on his face, he looks very confident, he gets to the ring and a ringside worker hands him a mic, he gets to the center of the ring and begins to speak

    Tyler Freeborn: So here we are, ICW`s Sunday Inferno!

    Crowd starts chanting “I-C-W”

    Tyler Freeborn: And on this first show I`m going to take on the IWT legend: Chris Kaizer!

    Crowd cheers for Kaizer

    Tyler Freeborn: I imagine you all know this guy, the one who naps throughout the entire show? Yeah, that guy, he thinks he`s someone important, and no one likes him

    The crowd boos him heavily

    Tyler Freeborn: I don`t think I even introduced myself to you Chris, Hi, my name is Tyler Freeborn, and I`m the Straight Edge Savior,

    Some boos are heard

    Tyler Freeborn: I am the guy that came here to save you from all the dark thing in our life, all the activities that are a disgrace to your minds and your bodies such as ingesting and becoming addicted to harmful substances for fun, lying and being two-faced, and sharing your body sexually with another person when there isn't even a true emotional bond there, all the dark things that are holding down this society, and I`m the guy who will save you from that, you just have to believe … Believe in Me

    Tyler drops the mic and heads to the back
    OOC: sorry for this shitty promo, I`m not feeling so well
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