Typical WWE, switching logic and #wwelogic

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  1. It would have been logical to have Ziggler go over Jericho since Jericho is leaving and Ziggler is the future WHC, but no they ruined that. It would have been #wwelogic to have HHH win to send casuals home happy and have HHH bury another wrestler, but no, they chose to actually use logic and have Lesnar go over. Why? Just to make me lose bets and become Sheamful's biggest mark.
  2. Crayo, now let me explain:
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  3. Hopefully they made lesnar win to help build him up for undertaker at WM (which will hopefully be happening). if taker beat HHH twice.. and then brock loses to HHH.. he wont really seem like a threat to undertaker..

    maybe thats why they made jericho win.. he's been on a losing streak.. need to make him look tougher.. hopefully for a rematch with ziggler where ziggler will go over.
  4. Jericho winning was great because it justified his return... but come on, WWE. Why not flip-flop Rhodes and Ziggler if they were going to do this? Rhodes can be pushed later, so Jericho can go over him and not cause much damage. If he leaves without winning a match, then if he returns in the future then it would feel extremely anti-climactic. Let Ziggler beat up on Sin Cara or somebody!

    Lets hope Ziggler can be one of those talents that can overcome awful booking like Bryan did. Chances are he can :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. I've given up on WWE. I'm sure I'll keep up with what happens but I officially have no expectations for their shitty product. If it weren't for Ziggler I would probably just stop watching completely
  6. I don't expect anything going into a show anymore unfortunately, a couple of people keeping me watching is all, are you not interested in Bryan anymore? He is one of 4 wrestlers keeping me interested, can't blame you if not though his booking is awful.
  7. Yea Bryans booking kills it for me. Kane, really? I mean if I'm watching live (rarely happens) I don't mind Bryan but if I miss a show it's not like I'm wondering what DB did.
  8. Just to make me have a longer losing bet streak.
  9. :haha: It's WWE logic to have Brock win, just to have him lose to Triple H later. As for Jericho and Ziggler, the logic behind this is they wanted to give Jericho one more big win before he left, and I think it's good. He has been putting countless people over, I think it's only fair he gets a big win before he wins. He deserves it, and I'm glad he won.
  10. You really wanted to see my chest didn't you Crayo? :lol1: