Tyson Kidd

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  1. What is the best way to book this guy in wwe? As a tag specialist or can he make a decent US/IC champ. He has a great in ring style and there must be better ways of using him?
  2. I think his mic work needs to improve in my opinion. If booked right, I think he could make a great Intercontinental champion though. No doubt he can be a great addition to the tag team division if with the right teammate too.
  3. It's simple, all WWE has to do is recreate the Kidd/Axel (McGillicutty) feud from NXT on RAW.

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  4. Yeah he does need to improve mic work but if he does that he could be a good babyface IC champ. They could redo that NXT feud but that would've been a better idea if Axel was still IC champ. I think he showed some decent mic work from that feud if i remember correctly?
  5. They repackage Kidd and turn him into El Locale #2 with Ricardo Rodriguez as #1 :emoji_slight_smile:
    That was pretty funny and terribly obvious who each person under the mask was.

    No but I mean they could always bring him back with Evan Bourne.
    or indeed like you said start an Axel v. Kidd feud based off their developmental feud.
  6. I'm just gonna complain that WWE needs to FUCKING SPLIT THE BRANDS AGAIN SO I CAN MAKE A BETTER OPINION!

    But yeah, both ideas of your guys' are great. Kidd & Bourne would make a pretty cool team plus Kidd & Bourne vs. Axel & Ryback while having Axel picking a fight with Kidd about the Hart family. so awesome.
  7. El Locale. We need RR back on TV.
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  8. Well, I would say give him the US Championship, but, the initial plan as of now is to unify the US and IC Titles at Elimination Chamber.
  9. He is an amazing wrestler that lacks a solid gimmick and charisma. He makes a good heel though, I wish they would work more on that.
  10. I heard he was out scouting talent for the WWE.
  11. He'd be fine in a Kofi Kingston type of role
  12. Prime example of a good in-ring talent that has zero charisma or promo ability. Wouldn't notice or care if I never saw him on the show again at all.
  13. Put a mask on him, let the mystique speak for him. Similar to Rey it's not terrible to give him a mic as long as you keep his lines short and sweet.

    Outside of Langston, guarantee he'll be a bigger mid-card draw than any of the other babyfaces going after those belts.
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  14. So as a Jamaican?
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  15. He had a mask as El Locale #2!
    But we need RR back :ricardo:
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  18. @Dat Kid in 30 years.
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  19. :true:
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