U.S. Title Situation

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  1. *Rain walks out to the ring, slapping the hands of a few fans on the way*

    "Okay, I'm going to make this short and sweet. Anybody and I mean ANYBODY from the back that wants a U.S. Title shot, get your ass down here, hell, you even get a match at Extreme Rules. So I would recommend coming out here before somebody else takes your spot at glory."

    *Rain paces back and forth as he waits for a challenger.*
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  2. *The Newcomer Michael Alexander comes down after Rain waits for 50 minutes*
    Alexander: Look, I know what you're asking yourself, This kid has been here for a day, why now? Well, because 2 things: One, you're a piece of shit and Two, I would like nothing more than become that rookie who won a title after a few days being here.
  3. *Rain laughs a bit and then answers*

    "Okay buddy, see you tomorrow. Good luck, first matches are never easy to go through. But that just depends on who you're facing."
  4. *Alexander looks at Rain not looking scared*
    "Well, I've got something to say, just because you won your first match does not mean you'll be the best, it depends on the fact that'll break that 1-0".
  5. "Whatever you say kid."

    *Rain exits the ring and heads to the back*
  6. "Yeah right"
    *Alexander leaves the ring and goes to the back*