Football UEFA Champions League 2014/2015 - Discussion

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Let's use this thread to discuss the UCL 2014/2015 season!
    Here are the group draws, in case you've missed 'em. Pretty strong draws, good matches lie ahead.

    You can follow the results here: or on UEFA's official website:

    Have you got any favorites?

    Mine are Real Madrid, Dortmund, Chelsea, PSG and Bayern
  2. Bayern to win, Chelsea could easily do it though. Madrid won't going by their recent results & lack of defensive midfielder.
  3. Come on Malmö. at least 1 point plz
  4. Ludogorets 1 - 0 Real Madrid. WTF?!! I ain't watching it live, though, just seen the result.
  5. Wow, Roma's getting fucked by Bayern.
  6. Liverpool vs Real Madrid less than 15 mins away! It's gonna be good.

    Hala Madrid!

  8. Wow, Liverpool's been fucked hardcore in the first half. More of the same to come in the second half.

    Hala Madrid!
  9. Ronaldo is just something else, definitely the greatest player I've ever seen during my lifetime. Sorry Scholes, Iniesta, Del Piero, Zidane and Messi.
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  10. :yes:
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  11. Anyone watching El Clasico? Ciao Barcelona.

    Pepe is THE god, btw.
  12. Just watched it. Real's game was close to perfection, man. I love it every time when Barcelona's getting fucked, especially by Real Madrid! Haha, ciao Barcelona, indeed.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. This is gonna be awesome!

    I'll be pulling for PSG, City, Atletico, Dortmund, Real Madrid, Bayern, Arsenal and Porto to pass to the next stage.

    We'll see how it goes, though.
  15. Hala Madrid!
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  16. Inded.

    You love Real Madrid? So do I!
  17. Yes I do. Hopefully they'll win the trophy for the second straight year.
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  18. That's exactly what I've been hoping, as well.
  19. We think the same, always! :boss:
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  20. Yeah, great minds think alike, brother.
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