UFC 158- Georges St. Pierre (GSP) vs Nick "Diablo" Diaz

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  1. "Diablo"? who the fuck calls me "Diablo"? [​IMG]



    Honestly this is a dog shit card besides the main and co main (but what else is new?)

    Condit vs Hendricks is going to be awesome to watch. Hoping Hendricks wins and we get Johnny vs GSP. Honestly that should have been this fight.. Hendricks has done infinitely more to earn a title shot compared to WWEF's favorite fighter nicky Diaz.
  2. lol, just realized the poster says Condit/MacDonald instead of Condit/Hendricks [​IMG]
  3. Conference Call highlights (GSP owns Nick. Nick curses) funny

    Warning: You probably won't know wtf Nick is talking about.

    Plus we got weight ins tonight. I expect a scuffle!
  4. I can't wait for the weigh ins.
  5. Hope no one minds but I'm sticking this just cos it deserves it :obama: also gets it away from all this soccer and softball stuff
  6. Will catch this most likely.
  7. Diaz has a dope Pride shirt.
  8. He got hella heat. Greatest heel in MMA today
  9. [​IMG] = :sandow:

    or is it just me?
  10. He could be his beard double, for sure. I love me some Big Rig Hendricks. I'm hoping he touches up Condit's chin tomorrow night.
  11. Any chance you could name a few of his top fights? I'd like to know a bit more about him.
  12. You NEED to watch the press conference.... :lol1:
  13. Alex Serdyukov
    Amir Sadallah
    TJ Waldburger
    Martin Kampman
    vs Fitch (Don't blink)

    Basically he was an All American wrestler at Oklahoma State (OSU wrestling program is an MMA Factory) and he has fucking lunch pales for hands. He has dropped pretty much everyone he's fought. He has a huge left hook
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  14. [video=youtube]https:emoji_confused:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FPQ6KYY6Hk[/video]

    This looked like one of those shots that wouldn't hurt at first but wow great power on it.
  15. Yea he just caught him flush as hell. It's like a leg kick.. you don't hurt someone with the ones that have a *slap* sound, it's the thud sound that you want to here. Hendrick's fist said THUD right to Fithch's chin lol.

    The fact that it doesn't look brutal is a testament to Hendricks' massive amounts of power. He can generate that sort of force at any moment.

    edit: Lmao @ The video title. POW right to the kisser. Always funny to see guys wrestling around with the refs after they get stopped as well
  16. Diaz is the best badass heel in MMA baby. That promo package was dope.
  17. He is going to have more heat in Canada than anyone since Shawn Michaels.
  18. I hope he thrives under it.
  19. No Ronda no party