News UFC star to hold talks with WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. "A major UFC name" could be a guy no longer with the company.

    Of the active UFC roster:

    I know Josh Barnett did some pro wrestling in Japan while in Pride; has the charisma/size
    Alistair Overeem- probably does't have the personality, but has the prototypical Vince physique. Maybe he is tired of getting KO'd.

    jeez idk. unless its some no name, which could be.

    former guys that could make sense: Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, ect. would have said rampage but no way WWE touches him after he got TNA stank on himself.
  2. Hasn't Roy Nelson expressed interest in the WWE? I remember a interview where he said he was in talks about signing but the Ultimate fighter got to him first.
  3. I almost listed him but... I can't see WWE being interested in him lol. He isn't a huge name and looks like a piece of monkey crap. Plus I think he likes fighting too much
  4. True. His looks would definitely be a hinder.
    INB4 the more charismatic Diaz shows up and shoots on WWE at the Rumble.
    If New Japan can bring in the Gracies, WWE can bring in the Diaz'
  5. Nick and Nate for tag champs
  6. MMA stable. Brock for Main event. Diaz for tag team. Bruce Boffer as manager/ring announcer/valet and a shaven Michael PS Hayes as Dana White.
  7. Brock- WWE Champ
    Chael- IC Champ
    Diaz bros- Tag Champs
    Veteran presence: Ken Shamrock
  8. Has Chael shown an interest to compete/wrestle? I know he has said multiple times he wants to do color commentary. But wrassle?
  9. He would be a complete waste of talent as a commentator. With his promo skills and natural wrestling ability, 6 months with a trainer (I nominate Regal) and he could be putting on 5 star matches.

    not to mention the look.. give him time to work on his pro wrestler frame and he would be a chizzled 245 of solid muscle. He walks around at 225 knowing he has to cut to 205.. imagine if he were just allowed to get as big as he could. he is a freak
  10. I would be down for a 6-12 month reign as IC champ from the American gangster.
  11. Chael in the WWE has to happen. I pre my pants just thinking about it.

    My dream would be for Orton to be in ring, cutting a monotone shitfuck of a promo and then Chael interrupts him Y2J on Rock style and delivers one of his masterful promos
  12. Can it rhyme? Like on Shogun.
  13. I thought Vince hated UFC yet hes gonna sign another UFC fighter wow just wow
  14. Tito Ortiz!

    Or Cro Cop!
  15. I doubt it's Barnett as I think he's going to get a title shot soon, depends on the money though . How about Mir? He has a great look, is winding down his career and hus history with Brock. Not sure if he's shown an interestin it before though, plus his fight with Alistair was pushed back wasn't it? How about KOSCHECK? He's a strong shit talker but maybe too small, Big Foot would have been perfect for the E in the 80s but now I don't see it plus he can't speak English.
  16. Mir has the personality of a cardboard box. Kos is a nobody at this point.

    Nobody makes sense, really. Barnett is the only one I know that has a desire and the ability to wrestle, but he is still deep in the fight game.