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  1. Aids walks out to a massive boo from the house crowd in indianapolis, IN. He comes out in his nWo shirt with a microphone in his hand before stopping at the center of the stage...holding up the kliq sign. He runs down into the ring, sliding in before hitting up the corners holding the IWT championship to a huge boo. He stops laughing as he turns to the center of the ring.

    I hear these pathetic, lackluster haters talking about how irrelevant the IW3 is, but at the same time these mother fuckers are spending their time cashing in on our credibility. Luis Ovaldinho is somewhere getting bready while Lord Lee plays his bitch role....but here I am holding OUR IWT TITLE because we deserve everything we have ever taken. Nothing has been given to us. Michael the Youtube Roadster gonna make a whole segment for him to take shots because NO ONE GIVES A FUCK about Michael since I sent his ass to kingdom come. He midcard, Aidsey about to main event.

    You see people want answers to questions, forgetting they are the city's abc12 and we are worldwide media entertainers. I walk out here and people in china report about me, what in the absolute fuck do I care about the centipede in the 90 acre garden? You are small fish, and if you knew what we had planned, you'd see us coming a mile away.

    You see The Bullad Club see us coming at them, but Luis didn't see it just like the rest of you didn't. Our place is at the top of every single card you see whether we face each other or we are facing someone Michael throws at us like Luis or the former monster Spawn. He picks his little people to cash in on their successes because he has a Napoloen Complex. You want to know why we formed the IW3? Let me spell out the reason I joined up for.

    I am tired of seeing new talent who event over me because they cash in off my match. I see Jack Forte saying my name in promos, I see Kaizer name dropping me in his promos and do you know why? It's because I've spent 4 years of my life bleeding for this company and when people want to talk shit, i'm the top comparison they use. I'm still here though, i'm not an afterthought. They all do what they hate so much about me, they use power to capitalize on what they want and desire. I'm the reason they get those crowds to pop and i'm the reason that they would spend their time staring at the ceiling, but at the end of the day michael needed a new World title. There was no answer for Aids so he made something to overshadow me, and now that I lost everyone goes yay! ignoring all the work I've done in the last year.

    You wanted to forget about walking on the road that Aids built? Well here I am once again, and you cannot keep my name out of your fucking mouth for a reason. Remember that.
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  2. ts;DR
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  3. Cute story bro. Go back to training people Chris Dogg.
  4. If I train them and they win titles, can I be like you and take all credit and say "KAIZER MADE YOU BRO"?
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  5. I don't see why not? I'd need an example of how I did that though.
  6. Took a second to figure this out, fmao.
  7. [​IMG]

    Ring a bell?
  8. Really?? Jono wanted to give you a shot much later on and I said "no one cares about me vs VP anymore and Joey Bryant is ready," I only argue when you say it about dat kid which I don't agree with.

    I never made anyone. I gave you the shot you earned, and I'm proud of it because it clearly worked.
  9. Those are the facts. But there's also been times where you've said "Joey Bryant wouldnt be anything without Aids Johnson" in a non-kayfabe manner. Don't know if you were drunk or not but that's what i'm referring to.
  10. 100% drunk lol. You'd be a ton without me most likely. I think people dont realize how shit Jono was as a manager and i'm sure i beat my chest like an asshole hard a few times worked up.

    You would have been world champ plenty of times regardless, just not happy when you thank dat kid and I'm not even mentioned for the push. It is what it is.

    Other than DK James, anyone?
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  11. I thank Dat Kid for helping me perfect Joey Bryant. The whole Church storyline was my favorite thing I've done in IWT to date. Had such ease writing promos during that era, it was only easy as hell that i'd be 2014 superstar of the year because of how easy he made the story flow. Just clicked really well with barely any communication.

    I won that original tournament on my own, and yea you gave me the shot earlier than I would have got it, but that's really all you did haha. I mean we had some great matches and you really pushed me to prove myself, and I thank you for that, but overall I only thank Kid more because he helped mold the GOAT Joey Bryant. You helped mold the rookie Joey Bryant, which was still cool.
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