Storyline un paso atrás para seguir adelante

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  1. *Gato Volar is seen in the XIX locker room with a towel draped over his head. The camera zooms in and Volar takes the towel off of his head and throws it towards the camera*

    Volar: You can learn a lot from defeat they say. The greatest luchadores to ever compete have all taken their fair share of being on the wrong end of the pin fall.

    I had my chance to conquer one of the greats in this business....and I failed.

    La única cosa en este momento es herir mi orgullo.

    Este no será el último de mí

    *Volar pounds his chest*

    Este dolor que siento , no será nada en comparación con lo que mi próximo rival atravesará

    I will have gold around my waist it's only a matter of time