Storyline Under Observance

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    The camera is focused on the beautiful Renee Young.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen..
    tonight my special guest is new to IWT but has made his presence known to one of our rising stars, Aiden Ryan.
    Please join me in welcoming.. Ezekial Clark also known as Dr. Attitude, E.R.A."

    "Now, Dr. Attitude."

    "You can call me Ezekial, Renee"

    "Ok then Ezekial, you seem to have targeted Aiden Ryan most recently.. you had some rather nasty things
    to say to him. Can you please explain your disdain for him?"

    "Well Renee, Aiden Ryan is a crybaby and a whiner, he pretends he's had it so hard in his life. His girlfriend left him, he felt ashamed for stripping. Those are situations he had control over and decisions he made..
    no one forced him to do anything."

    "Ok then.. the other night you told us more about you for the first time. Your story is intriguing.
    Why did you decide to share this information with us?"

    "My father, although crazy, was a wise man.. he taught me to
    never be ashamed of what you can't control and never bitch about what you can.
    My mother was a devout Christian, she knew what my father was doing, but rather than
    turn him in she allowed him to tie me up and beat me, forcing me to watch the chaos he enjoyed dwelling in,
    she thought she could pray the evil out of him.
    She made a bad decision.. and I am who I am because of her as much as my father.
    But I will never be ashamed of who I am and will tell the world."

    "Ezekial, I understand you brought some videos you wanted to show to the IWT community.. particularly Aiden Ryan. Let's roll that now."

    Scene 1 - Video starts of a street scene.. a Starbucks on a street corner, could be anywhere.
    The person controlling the camera zooms in on the Starbucks
    window and we see Aiden Ryan sitting at a table sipping an iced coffee..
    some laughter can be heard from the person behind the camera.

    Scene 2 - Outside an arena, it's nighttime.
    The camera operator zooms in on a car window and again we see Aiden Ryan,
    he's reaching forward putting the keys in the ignition.
    He starts the car and drives off.. the camera following him until he rounds a corner.
    The camera operator is walking up to a car.
    We see his reflection in the glass window.. it's Dr. Attitude. He turns the camera on himself.

    "Everywhere you go Aiden, I'm watching.. and you don't have a clue."
    He laughs maniacally as the camera shuts off.

    "Everywhere you go Aiden.. keep looking around, check in your closet, behind your shower curtain, I could be anywhere.
    I will have what I want and I will have it very soon."

    "And what exactly is it that you want Ezekial?"

    "Who is Ezekial? The name is Dr. Attitude! But since you asked.. I want Aiden Ryan's head on a stick!"

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