Underrated Indy/Puro wrestlers

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  1. Caleb Konley is a great worker and does not get much love.
  2. Cedric Alexander is underrated in my opinion.
  3. Chuck Taylor kinda.
  4. T-Hawk needs more love. He can really bring it.
    Baretta has had an insane run on the indies so far.
    Also Biff Busick :fap:
  5. Oh yeah, Trent has improved immensely. So awesome.
  6. He fits in perfectly into Gabe's universe and the style he wants.
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  7. Can't believe I endorsed Cedric at one time.
    time changes things, for the better.
  8. Tomoaki Honma, Katsuyori Shibata, Yuji Nagata
  9. Cedric Alexander is one my favorites. Why do you hate him?
  10. Nagata...underrated. :booker2:

    Tell me how exactly he's underrated.:rock2:
  11. Zero charisma, bad match psychology, He's all moves and zero personality or character. Nothing spectacular or interesting about him. He's a slightly tubby black guy who does a couple of flips and that's it.
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  12. I may be wrong here but I'm pretty sure I remember Cedric no selling a sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope to hit a kick. That was bad
  13. Puroresu: Hikaru Sato, Shinobu, Kohei Sato, YOSHI-HASHI, Akito, Antonio Honda, Masa Takanashi, Shuji Ishikawa.
  14. Trevor Lee.

    Can't say he's underrated but I'm surprised he isn't a champion yet even though he's defeated just about everyone on the indies. :russo:
  15. Because he's still a no name.
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