WrestleMania Undertaker less than 50% for Wrestlemania

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  2. What did Taker do to make him ineligible to compete and cause himself and injury?
  3. Work a very athletic ring style for over 20 years. This is nagging injuries and age catching up to him. There is a reason for him only working Wrestlemania now and that is the fact that his body cannot keep up with the ring work he does.
  4. Interesting stuff... so, you're saying Undertaker is letting the writing team know in advance to let the writing team make sure everything's okay, and leave room for a backup plan? Take a hint, Cena at Hell in a Cell last year.

    If we get Punk/Taker at 'Mania, great! It would be an awesome match. If we don't, great! Punk gets to do something else and Undertaker gets to rest until he's completely healthy. Either one is good for 'Mania IMO
  5. Get Punk in the WWE title match then possibly. Triple threat so as to not ruin the "once in a lifetime" stamp of last year.
  6. Even at his current age, he still puts on one hell of a show at each and every Wrestlemania. One of the best there ever will be in my book.
  7. Never said anything else. But the fact remains, that having worked such a style for so long (he debuted as the Undertaker in 1990 and he had already wrestled for 6 years before that in other promotions.) That's a 29 year long career. His body is banged up and he spends months following Wrestlemania just recovering. The man is also a relatively new father since he and Michelle McCool had a kid a year or so back. I'd completely understand if he calls it quits.
  8. Well he has enough wins at Wrestlemania. There is really no need for him to carry on his streak. I think he has (kayfabe) proved enough that he can beat the best. I do respect his decisions but I would still like to see him cut another promo or two before he retires permanently.
  9. Oh please yes... is there a thread on this topic yet? Don't want to drag this one off topic and turn an Undertaker thread into a Punk one, and have other members accusing us of blasphemy.

    Last year's Taker-Triple H match was slow as can be, but was awesome because of drama, storytelling, history, and stuff like that... Judging from that, seeing a borderline immobile Undertaker would be something I'll gladly pass on.
  10. If the Undertaker isn't cleared to wrestle at Wrestlemania I could see Punk being in a triple threat match with Cena and The Rock for the WWE Championship. I'd love to see Undertaker wrestling at Wrestlemania though so I hope he gets cleared!
  11. The streak I think its over, twenty wrestlemanias winning all, I think that now is more to keep his prestige than other possibilities.
  12. 20-0 is a solid number to retire on and the end of an era storyline is a good note to end it. His health is most important. Punk vs Taker, reign vs streak, would have been a dream match for me, with Taker winning, forfiting the title on Raw, and retiring after ending the longest reign in 25 years. But that scenario was ruined ages ago by Punk's inabilty to win clean. Taker needs a worthy and memorable opponent to justify the toll it would take on his health, and there just isn't any right now. Even if he's cleared to wrestle, I think he should preserve his streak as it is, at it's peak.
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  13. Taker should have retired after is match with HHH last year, but still, WrestleMania won't be the same without him.
  14. Well, if he skips 29 due to injuries it's understandable, and would free Punk (who I strongly believe will be his opponent if he does compete) to wrestle Cena and Rock, which I'd really prefer, since I don't want Cena/Rock again. Not sure what they'll do with the streak, whether they'll stretch it to 25 (highly unlikely for me, even though he wrestles once a year he's screwed up) or make him lose to Cena (which I could see happening) at 30. I don't know.
  15. lol Same kind of report came out last year. Maybe the year before as well. And yet Taker still showed up to compete. He'll most likely be at Wrestlemania to perform again this year.

    And he's not just gonna call it quits without an official retirement. They would have made a HUGE deal out of it if Taker decided to hang them up, and he has enough passion and respect for the business than to just let WWE retire the Undertaker persona without any official angle centered around it. Taker's last ever appearance being at Raw 1000 in a random tag match with Kane? I don't think so.
  16. Part of it is true, but the biggest issue is his COPD that is fucking him up badly. Especially lately.

  17. Taker's last match was 28 in my opinion. That should be it for him. The match left the record at 20-0, "end of an era", & good quality match as well. Another match would just be unneeded unless he's giving up the streak.
  18. Pretty much what we've been saying.
  19. Damn, so he really is crippled. We shall se in what will WM now turn into if true, of course.
  20. he'll be back next wm or the one after that. he can't retire without a proper storyline and a retirement match