WrestleMania undertaker match prediction

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  1. i think the undertaker match will be a fix. shawn micheals will intervene:taker: and get HHH chin music and let the undertaker win because of what he said the other day to him. i.e that shawan is a better wrestler than HHH.
  2. Agreed. I think the exact same will happen. Or something along the lines of Shawn screws HHH since they're rumoured to face each other at next years Wrestlemania. That helps no one. It doesn't help HHH for obvious reasons, it doesn't help Shawn at all, and it completely damages and ruins the 20-0 streak that will happen. Who would want his 20th win to be because of a screwjob?
  3. I don't Undertaker will win that way! Taker want win clean! But I do see HBK doing something in this match. But idk what?
  4. Exactly, you think he's just there to count the 1-2-3 and win? He's doing something - and screwing Undertaker would be the stupidest thing WWE have ever done ever, so that won't happen, only screwing HHH is left.
  5. This is actually a very predictable match if you've followed the past Monday Night Raw's.

    "Shawn is a better wrestler Triple H", "As much as Shawn's ego.." and all of these crappy arguments really makes me happy to say that the streak lives on..

    Vince Screwed Bret and now history will be made when Shawn screws HHH.
  6. I did not said that! I said Undertaker will not pin HHH after a Sweet Chin Music as Undertaker want to win his OWN WAY! As he has been saying! Undertaker will win I pick him to win! But I don't see Undertaker pinning HHH after he hit with a Sweet Chin Music by HBK!!!!!!!
  7. Oh I see fair enough. I don't know on the exact ending but I wouldn't be surprised if it was because of HBK Undertaker retained. Which is so bad for WWE.
  8. Taker wins. Then they feed him a bunch of jobbers to make his record 31-0 then he retires

    All in the same night
  9. How is it bad for the WWE? Taker isn't going to wrestle very often and he keeps his streak which is a draw for them. Taker doesn't look bad as he's untouchable and HHH get's the end to, even though it hurts me to say this a potentially huge send off match with his best friend.
  10. yet it HBK will attck HHH at somepoint in the match. But I just don't win. Whne he does I think Undertaker will then take him out for trying to help him as taker does not want he want himslef liek alway. and then HHH get a get him in the prigree go for the pin but there know no ref. so he has to wait for 1 to get in. and that alot taker to kick out. Just 1 possstly thery??????
  11. Are you seriously happy with a 20-0 (a milestone figure) streak match ending in a non-clean ending? That screams "Undertaker couldn't beat HHH clean". That would mean the previous year, Taker couldn't walk out the arena and he only won because HHH didn't use the hammer (which is what it's made out to be), the following year HBK costs HHH and Taker wins. This is RAW style booking, not Wrestlemania style booking.

    Sure, it sets up HHH vs HBK which is going to be next years version of this snoozefest feud, but they can set that up in other ways, on RAW. The streak would lose almost all its credibility, Undertaker needs to seem immortal at Wrestlemania, that's what his persona is about. The guy who has the "power" to never lose on the grandest stage, is HBK part of his "power" now?

    I know I wouldn't be the only one pissed off if the match ends dirty. They can still set HBK vs HHH up that night in my opinion. They cuold have HHH desperate for the win, once again stooping to new lows by getting out the sledge hammer, Undertaker keeps kicking out. HHH asks Shawn for help. Shawn's WM moment is deciding who to help. He doesn't, match continues, Taker wins cleanly, HHH vs HBK begins on RAW the next night.
  12. Still don't see how it makes it any worse tbh, he's cemented as the icon of Wrestlemania and it's an on going story that he's getting weaker every year, they seem to be gradually making him human setting up a retirement angle. No one will remember whether it was clean or not when talking about his legacy imo, look at Austin / HBK WM 14. Does everyone remember the ref taking the bump causing Tyson to count the three or Austin winning the belt? The result is remembered not the way.
  13. I really don't see how the most iconic thing in wrestling (the streak) can not get damaged by an unclean win? It was bad enough last year. The promos the next night would be "I had Undertaker read to be pinned, but HBK cost me the match". So the streak is effectively 20-0 but it would be 19-1 if it wasn't for HBK. Yeah, solid legacy right there.

    They need to keep the streak pure. Taker looks like he isn't retiring this year and it looks more likely each day that his final match will rightfully be against John Cena. The biggest draw in any Undertaker match is the streak, will it be broken, will it remain intact. If the above happens at Wrestlemania, the whole match in my opinion seems pointless. The more I talk about it, the more I'm dreading the Undertaker match this year to be honest.
  14. Triple H pedigrees taker 3 times, goes to pin him, but HBK superkicks him in the face, drags Taker's lifeless body on top of HHH, quick counts to 3 (HHH tries to kick out, but the count is too fast). We don't see Undertaker until March of 2013 when he comes out in a wheelchair and challenges HHH to another Mania match. Casuals go wild, IWC commits mass suicide.
  15. A lot of that could be very accurate. Casuals I doubt would go wild, have you not seen them this year? Mcguillycutyrinineige vs Tyson Kidd on NXT got more reaction on their head 2 head promo than Taker vs HHH.
  17. That's an unfair comparison. Any feud pales in comparison to Kidd vs the Genesis of McGillicutty
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  19. Undertaker's gonna win.
  20. I think that Undertaker will continue the streak to 20-0 because I dont think the wwe would let the Undertaker lose at wrestlemania now after 19 years, Shawn's ego might come in the way and a screwjob is definitely possible, but regardless i think this will be Undertaker's final wrestlemania match