Hell in a Cell Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar, Hell in a Cell 2015

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  1. So, what's happening in this 3rd, and I assume final match? Who's taking the overall victory?
    Given that Brock was "screwed" out of the win last time, it would make sense for him to take this one.
    Really though, it could go either way.

    Actually, post below who you want to win, and who you think will win, and any reasons if you like. :heyman:

    Who I want to win: BROCK LESNAR
    Who I think will win: BROCK LESNAR
    How I think it will finish: Kimura Lock

    [COLOR=#00ff00]Who I want to win[/COLOR]:
    [COLOR=#ff8000]Who I think will win[/COLOR]:
    [COLOR=#ffff00]How I think it will finish[/COLOR]: 
  2. I'd just like to add 2 cents. Is there a need to code the color in? When there's a color picker?

    I want: The Undertaker to win
    I know: The Undertaker to win
    How?: Tombstone
  3. Easy to copy/paste for lazy people.
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  4. Who I want to win: Brock Lesnar
    Who I think will win: It could go either way, but I'm still going with Brock Lesnar!
    How I think it will finish: F-5 and 3 seconds later...:21-1:
  5. Who I want to win: Brock Lesnar
    Who I think will win: The fans
    How I think it will finish: Heyman singing Glory Brock Lesnar
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  6. Who I want to win: BROCK LESNAR
    Who I think will win: BROCK LESNAR
    How I think it will finish: F5 onto steel steps
    Who I think will win: Match speaking, BRRROOOOOCCCCCKKKK LESNAR!!! Event wise: nobody, I can't see this being a Hell In a Cell match to remember, fans won't win with what they pay for the event, WWE won't win for buzz with this match after wards, and Lesnar and Taker won't win much heat from this match after the Summerslam disaster, so correctly speaking, nobody will win when its over (Well, maybe Paul Heyman anyway lol)

    How I think it will finish:There is tons of ways it could finish, so here is my list:
    Timekeeper jumps the gun on Taker's Hell's Gate, then Brock ends up winning.
    The referee could stop the match due to Taker "breaking" his arm, or getting majorly hurt.
    Just a normal F5 123.

  9. Who I want to win: BROCK LESNAR
    Who I think will win: BROCK LESNAR
    How I think it will finish: With Brock Lesnar's music playing.

    It's pretty close to what I thought would happen going into Summerslam, although I assumed it would happen at Wrestlemania and not Hell in a Cell.... Undertaker wins to set up a final match and Lesnar takes it.
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  10. Who I want to win: The Undertaker
    Who I think will win: Brock Lesnar
    How I think it will finish: Undertaker tapping out if it goes badly, or passing out if it goes good

    The basis for this whole feud was Undertaker's loss at Wrestlemania and the collapse of his colossal streak. Personally I don't believe the Streak ever should've ended, and most certainly not to part-timer Brock, who didn't need the win to establish him as a monster (we all know it). That being said Taker has fought of recent as a heel;
    Losing Wrestlemania
    Attacking Brock Lesnar and costing him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, with a low blow
    Attacking Brock Lesnar at his home town, with a low blow
    Threatening to attack by standing Paul Heyman
    Finally, using a cheap winning tactic to release Lesnar's Kimura Lock, then a low blow, then a win over

    This leaves them both tied, with Brock having the only clear win.
    WWE has set a rather predictable trended rivalry, where it seems that Taker will lose the rivalry in the conclusive match at Hell in A Cell. My hope in this case is that he loses passing out like Austin did to Brett Hart, with the double face/heel turn AKA Lesnar doesn't let go, becomes vengeance heel, Taker refuses tap, passes out and goes out honourably despite putting over the fed Lesnar.

    I however, want Undertaker to not only remain heel, but become somewhat monstrous (along with his Big Red Brother who is shaping oh nicely ATM) so that the Brothers of Destruction, as a tag or not are dominant or unbeatable. I would prefer a clean win for Taker over Lesnar, cause Brock doesn't need it, the old dinosaur needs one last feed for his final run, so give it to Taker with a tombstone.
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  11. Who I want to win: Brock Lesnar. I didn't even want him to lose at Summerslam.
    Who I think will win: Given how their Summerslam encounter ended, I'm 100% certain Brock is taking this until I see otherwise, especially since this is the concluding date of HIS tour.
    How I think it will finish: Probably the Kimura Lock instead of the F'5.
  12. Hmmm....

    I think this is a brilliant opportunity for a patented double turn. Have Taker cheat to win or have a slightly updated hart /Austin WM 13 finish. This way taker can go into WM 32 as a heel against sting for his swan song and Lesnar becomes the bad ass face that the fans are already cheering for.
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  13. Oops just looked back on previous posts. I guess @The Lunatic Fringe and I had similar ideas lol. :happy:
  14. 4-1 in favor of Brock Lesnar in there history of 1-on-1 matches.

    I'm hoping for The Undertaker to put The Beast to rest :lol:
  15. Brock wins this one, m8.
  16. I hope Brock gets a decisive victory over taker. Like I want him to decimate the phenom and have them shake hands afterwards... As they can both barely stand.
  17. Who I want to win: Brock Lesnar
    Who I think will win: Brock Lesnar
    How I think it will finish: I would like to see Lesnar trash Taker but Taker may not handle it. I'd like to see it end on top of the cell but it won't. After 2-3 F-5 it will end. Not a spectacular finish will happen imo.
  18. Who I want to win: Lesnar
    Who I think will win: Lesnar
    How I think it will finish: Manslaughter

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