WrestleMania Undertaker's Opponent For WM29

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  1. I think Cena and Lesnar were the obvious two choices, but hearing Rock's name be thrown into the mix is interesting.

    John Cena - I think this match will be saved for Wrestlemania 30, just because WM30 has the whole ten year anniversary going for it, and this is the biggest match that Taker can have at WM at this point. I also think this could end up being Taker's retirement, making Cena his last victim at WM30 and stuff.

    The Rock - Now that Rock is gunning for the WWE Title come the 1000th Raw, that means IF he is at Wrestlemania next year, he'll be involved with someone else other than the WWE Champion. He said he had to come back and beat John Cena to go down as the greatest WWE superstar ever. Then he said he had to win the WWE Title one last time to become the greatest. Maybe he'll do that, and then say to officially become without a doubt the greatest WWE superstar ever, he has to do what no one has done, and that is be the one to defeat the Undertaker's streak. Maybe he'll even make the challenge on the 1000th Raw since Undertaker is rumored to make an appearance there as well, and they'll do an almost one year build for this match. This angle and match is one I'd love to see.

    Brock Lesnar - This is the most likely opponent for Taker. Brock is leaving after WM and since the WWE would love to do this match (they tried at WM27 but Dana White wouldn't allow it to happen), this would be the perfect way for Brock to make his exit, becoming another victim to Taker.

    So, I think Lesnar is the most likely opponent, and I can't think of anyone else that Lesnar could face if not Taker, unless they manage to build Ryback up very well by then (that means the Goldberg chants will have to stop) and have him go through Lesnar, that could be great. (Or just lose to Cena again.) But on a personal level, the angle with Rock saying there's one last goal to accomplish (beating Taker's streak) to go down in history as the greatest WWE superstar ever is the most interesting for me.
  2. If you asked me, I would say he will face Lesnar. But that would mean Rock vs Cena again, so... :sad:

    Cena I think will work with Taker at WM 30, so it's either Lesnar or Rock.
  3. This was just Wrestlezone throwing around 3 names acting like they knew everything about it....Don't believe these dirtsheets :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. I'd like someone fresh like I said before, Wade Barrett. Plus they have some history, Undertaker never got revenge for the Nexus jumping him repeatedly. Wade Barrett can make his epic return, beating someone like Christian. Start a feud with him, and in a couple of months claim the Intercontinental Championship. He can make a promo saying how he is going to be the best champion, and that he even plans on going for the World Heavyweight Championship, but during his speech the lights will go out. They'll reappear with a casket beside the ring having Wade Barrett's name on it.

    He leaves the ring looking shocked, not entirely scared. Nothing happens until his next Intercontinental Championship defense match. Then When he has the win and needs to go for the pin, The Undertaker's theme plays. The Undertaker doesn't come out though, it's just a distraction as the opponent rolls up Barrett or hits him with a finisher and gets the win. Next week Barrett calls out The Undertaker, but instead Kane comes out. Kane tells Barrett to leave Undertaker alone, but Barrett refuses. Instead they have a match that night, which Barrett wins. When he wins though, once again Undertaker's music plays as his followers(guys with hoods) come out. They chant, "Lord of Darkness never forgets Nexus". Barrett looks freaked out and decides to run out through the crowd.

    Eventually Barrett revokes his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett once again looks like he is going to win, but then Undertaker's music plays. This time, The Undertaker does come out. He goes to the ring and tombstones Barrett. Barrett wins the match by DQ, but doesn't get the title, and Undertaker tombstones his opponent too. After that, the next show Barrett calls out Undertaker to face him one on one to talk. The lights go out. They come back on, but blue and Barrett is on the mat. The Undertaker talks about how he never forgets, and he still remembers the Nexus attacked him, and he wants revenge. After he talks he leaves the ring with Barrett still on the mat. The next show Barrett says he doesn't regret what he did, and that he wants to fight the Undertaker, on one condition. At Wrestlemania.

    The Undertaker agrees, and keeps playing mind games with Barrett up onto Wrestlemania. Barrett does the same by saying Undertaker is the past, Barrett is the future and he'll end the streak to usher in a new era of WWE. And after he ends the streak, he'll go for the WWE title. Basically all this is what I'd like to see, even Barrett being the one to end the streak(if anybody) as long as he stays a massive heel and WWE gives him the right push.
  5. Wow!! Awesome storyline Farooq!!
  6. Never mind I see it :otunga: Thanks

  7. D: Undertaker loses streak ? :(( what if barrett became a huge flop? :(( what a waste that would be!
  8. :bury::bury::bury:
  9. Eh, I'd rather not see anyone end the streak. I'd have no problem with Barrett fighting Undertaker (actually I would, I like that Taker only fights established guys now), but not with ending the streak. You can still get a rub even if you lose.
  10. Damn Undertaker VS John Cena is more of a draw for me than Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar but IDK about Undertaker VS The Rock.