Storyline Undisputed, undefeated, undeniable greatness the press conference of awesomeness.

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  1. *Eric Draven enters into a darken room riding a Segway before taking a seat behind a mahogany desk, a picture of ZERO in a mankini is in a golden frame behind him .*​
    ED: Ladies and Gentleman of the internet welcome to my humble home, as your hero I'm offering a chance for us to sit down and discuss everyone's favorite subject. The undisputed undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.​
    *Draven raises the old IWT World Championship to the camera before resting it onto the desk and staring into it*​
    ED: This little shiny trinket...this collection of glimmering jewels and gold which I sacrificed it all for. I gave up my blood, I gave up my sweat and I gave up my health. I lost the ability to walk for 3 months after double knee surgery.​
    *Draven looks at the title before kissing it and placing it over his shoulder*​
    ED: Now this is the part where I say OH MY IM COMING BACK TO A BIG CHEER FROM THE PEOPLE IN THE ARENA. FOR THE PEOPLE...Fueled by the people.​
    *Draven takes the title from his shoulder, his face begins to express disgust as he throws it to the floor*​
    ED: All the sacrifices weren't worth jack were they Johnny? All the spilled guts weren't worth....​
    *The video fades to static.*​

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  2. *gav the chav interupts eric dravens press conferance*

    (gav the chav oi eric shut the fuck up and listen now i don't think we've ever met hi i'm gav the fucking chav and i'm hard as fuck now you say your the champion hahaha last time i checked Aids Johnson was the champ not you wake up you deluded prick you bitch and whine about a little bit of blood you spilled well boo who fucking woo knowone give a fuck your a has been never will im gav the chav and im the future of IWT see ya around you little prick
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  3. Looks like we lost one cripple and gained another
  4. Aids Johnson is shown in the back, watching the interview on a television near the locker room. His facial expression goes from happy, to worried, and back to laughing as he watches Erik throw the old title on the ground. He stares for a few seconds after, motionless, before suddenly jumping up and pacing back and forth until the second he notices the Camera on him. He cracks a smile and asks how his hair looks, before hurriedly walking out of the lockerroom.
  5. *Black Jesus is shown up in his chair in Black Heaven smoking a blunt with Martin Luther King JR. watching the interview*