Storyline Unfamiliar Reflection

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  1. It's midnight and Aiden Ryan is shown in the locker room as the darkness feels the environment, the only light being his cell phone which is beaming against the mirror to which his reflection his shown.
    The camera then follows down towards his hands which he displays some disinfectant. He dabs a little on a tissue and slowly and smoothly runs over the cut under his eye from the match with Justin Magnus.
    He says as the stinging has triggered a slight pinch of pain.
    His phone lights up with a text from his good friend The British Kid
    "We're waiting for you outside, Aiden."
    It reads as he lifts up the phone and smiles.
    "Okay, I'll be fifteen minutes. Don't kill eachother out there."
    Aiden Ryan replies placing his phone down only to see a face in the mirror behind him.
    He turns around swiftly and knocks a few items on the floor. The dark sadistic look on the face of the man frightens a not so easily to intimidate Ryan as he approaches with
    "Wh.. Who're you?"
    He responds as no answer is received.
    "This is the talent locker room... Wh.. what're you doing here?"
    He asks in a confused yet hesitant manner.

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  2. A grin comes upon Dr. Attitude's face as Aiden turns toward him.

    "I'm sorry, was this space yours?
    I truly do not mean to intrude, but when I saw you come in I had to follow...
    I needed to tell you something."

    Aiden looks shaken up and unable to speak

    Dr. Attitude reaches up and grabs his necklace and rolls it between his fingers as he speaks

    "You have very nice teeth Mr. Ryan."

    Dr. Attitude then turns and slowly walks out of the locker room
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  3. Conflicted emotions begin to rain through on Aiden as the camera zooms in on him. his breathing becomes heavier and his hands get a little shaky, brushing back his hair with his fingers he grabs his phone and his bag and heads towards the metal door.
    Reaching for the handle his phone begins to ring causing him to jump in fright.
    "Fuck! Must you!?"
    He yells at his phone ignoring the call and poking his head outside the door to see if the man was truly gone.
    "Where the fuck did you come from?
    He says to himself looking around the dark halls finding no open doors or signs of any access due to secured security.
    He then begins to walk down the halls to find security to which he eventually does.
    "Congratulations on your victory, Aiden Ryan."
    "Thank you, Sir."
    Aiden responds as he then leaves outside to his associates are there awaiting for him.
    "What took you so long?"
    The door closes as Aiden's voice begins to mumble out as the screen then fades to black.
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  4. *Aiden manages to tell Kid and Pain and Kid has a concerned look on his face*
    Kid: oh dear Dat kid......aiden i think you have a pedophile stalking you
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