Storyline Unfinished Business

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  1. 1:00 Evander is already standing in the ring with a mic in his hand. He stands at the edge of the ring ropes facing the entrance.

    So i got drafted shortly after my match to Battleground and I took a look at the roster and I don't know a single person. Meanwhile on the other roster we've got he big names, but that's fine. The reason I'm out here is because there is ONE name on neither rosters and that one name is the name of the man I want to have my first singles match.

    That man is a Hall of Famer, has the most reigns as the IWT Championship, and has been here longer than I can think of, and that man is @Aids Johnson . See Aids, you came out of retirement to face me, regardless of who you thought i was. i feel like that IC Scramble on an unteleivised event was a little lackluster, don't you think, so here's what I propose.

    I'm challenging you to a match on whatever the next show is and I'm not just challenging you to an ordinary match, so that one of can be bitter about losing, extending your career months more than you wanted it, no, we ain't gonna do that.

    Aids I want you in an iron Man match! (5 promos each).
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  2. [Out steps Spawn with a white towel draped over his head]
    Spawn: Has enough blood not been spilt? I look around and I see a worrying show. I see people hungry for blood and power. People who would do anything for the IWT championship. Evander. I fear that you are one of sin. I pray that your soul is still soft. I beg you retract this offer now before you are judged by our almighty father. Do not be like these others. Be better. Evander, tell me now as a witness to our Father. Tell me that you do not wish to face Aids Johnson in combat. Stand down and admit your faults to God before you are punished as one of the wicked.
  3. My faults? I have nothing to hide, from the moment I stepped in here I have been straight. I came here to fight, to earn my spot like everybody else. I'm not here to take over anything. And wasn't the last person to call himself a God, didn't you crack his skull, didn't you leave him on the ground without even breaking a sweat? If history is any indicator of where associating with a god gets you, i think I'll pass.

    I will face Aids Johnson and there isn't a thing God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the rest of that biblical Brady Bunch can stop me. But if you feel like trying, you can get a nice participation trophy right up your ass.
  4. [Spawn shakes his head in disgust as he drops his mic and walks off in shame]
  5. Evander throws his hands in the air

    Welp, this message has been brought to you by Christian Mingle. C'mon Aids I ain't got all day, I know you're here tonight, I paid for the open bar so that you would be. Let's go champ.

  6. Aids walks out to the music looking groggy and beatup, bottle in one hand, mic in the other. He passes Spawn on the way out, exchanging glances before walking to the top of the ramp. He attempts to run and slide into the ring, but instead vomits outside before crawling his way in. Aids rolls into the ring and grabs a seat on the corner, wiping his mouth before holding up the microphone.

    Clean up that mess, someone, I get paid way too well to waste my time feeling bad about losing $50 in booze, and this bottle has plenty to spare. I didn't give credit Evander, but you should get used to that here. You are hardly the first, and I doubt will be the last man to try and make a name off my back, but i'm feeling good enough to look you in the face and let you know you make your own fortune in the IWT.

    I earned mine, and time will tell if you earn yours. You've got a deal.
  7. Evander smiles and he looks as if he has something to say, but he drops the mic and exits the ring.
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