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United States Champion

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  1. BK Scorpion

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  2. The Jewish Jackoff

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  3. The Cigaro

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  4. AIDS

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  1. [​IMG]
    Below are all the promo cuts entered. If I missed someone please let me know! Vote for who you want to be your United States Champion of WWE Forums!​

    -You can only vote once.
    -If you vote for yourself, you will be disqualified.
    - Once you make a vote it can no be changed.

    BK Scorpion
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    WWE Name: BK Scorpion
    Face or Heel: Heel
    Belt: US title
    Promo cut:

    What I was afraid of has happened, I may have lost my WWE championship match because of the unintelligence of the masses, but you haven't seen the last of the best in the world....ME.
    I thought the world needs me in other ways, the world of pro wrestling is begging me to do some more important things, like putting the US title in its rightful place...

    For far too long the US title has been ignored and considered the lowest title, I mean PRE-SHOWS?
    That will no longer be the case after I win the title, because it won't just beat the IC title in terms of being more prestigious, but it will beat the WWE title.....

    The scorpion is taking the strap buddies! :pity:

    The Jewish Jackoff
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    Your WWE Name: The Jewish Jackoff
    Heel or Face: Face
    Promo Cut:

    1975...NWA...1988...WCW....2001...WWE....2013 WWEForums.

    The Legacy of the United States Championship intertwins itself with the wrestling industry. An Industry I have lived and breathed for the past 23 years. Harley Race was the first, since then legends....LEGENDS such as Blackjack Mulligan, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Ric "By Gawd" Flair, Jimmy Snuka Sgt Slaughter Dusty Rhodes, STING....John Cena...Eddie Guererro.....Bill Goldberg....they've all held this title. ALL OF THEM, LEGENDS.

    This title needs to be in the hands of someone who appreciates, respects and values the lineage of such a prestigous championship.

    That someone...is me.

    The names that have held this title speak for themselves. All of those names are current and future Hall of Famers.

    The United States Title needs me as it's champion. The WWEForums needs ME as it's United, States, Champion.

    The Cigaro
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    WWE Name: The Cigaro
    Heel or Face: Heel
    Promo Cut:
    The camera turns to the ring as Cigaro's theme plays. Few minutes have passed and still no sign of Cigaro. "Hey! Over here!!" A voice said as everything shut off and Cigaro appeared on the titantron. In the background was a city in night time, and he appeared to be on a bridge. "I had it with you all! You all want me to show you why I am the champion?! I'll show you why!!" He said as he had Crayo tied up and slapped him. "I have your owner here, the all mighty Crayo, well actually he's my bitch now. You all didn't even give one damn about my threats?! Well let me show you just how crazy I am!!" He said as he grabbed barbed wire and bite it hard, blood flowing down his mouth now. "This is the kind of champion you want, one that has no fear, one that isn't afraid of pain, ONE! That isn't afraid to take it far! I WILL be the United States champion.....or this will happen!!" Cigaro said as he kicked Crayo off the bridge. He quickly dived and held Crayo from falling off to the water. He laughed as he said, "You want to see how crazy and fearless I am?" He then pushed himself off of the bridge, both him and Crayo fell to the water now. The titantron going black now.

    Cigaro's theme plays as he enters the arena an hour later. Cigaro walked down the ramp, bloody and wet, and he went over to the announcer table and grabbed the United States championship. He held it high and grabbed a microphone from the announcer. "I survived!! This! Is the new face of the champion, the fearless champion you will all have! Don't ever forget it. I jumped off a bridge, I busted myself open, and now I! Hold the United States championship high! I could care less what any of you have to say, you would all pussy out before doing what I did! I don't need to say anything else, I already showed what I'm capable of." He said as he smashed the mic onto the floor and walked out with the championship.

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    WWE Name: Aids
    Heel or Face: Face

    (jam this, this is > an intro)

    Ladies and the rest of you selfish chumlees, The US has one problem you cannot get rid of, and i am that problem. You know me as Aids the champ, but my mother calls me Aids Johnson, or just son. I am setting my sights at the championship some people undervalue, because the US > all these eurofags we are forced to "compete" with. Aids is not here to play games, and since i speak coherently and am easy to understand, ill make it simple. I am the US champion, because i am above the rest of these characters, and this title deserves a main event winner to the level i have sunk myself to.

    There will be haters who say "he has no chance, and is so hated we cant even afford to give him a chance," to which i just shrug and give the finger to. With aids comes destruction, and i plan on taking this title to my grave, there will be no retirement. Welcome to the team, and save my seat in the Hall of Fame here. Oh, we dont have that for another day? I'll be a special guest, Nostradamus already told you id be there at the end. :woo1:

  2. Oh shit, i have to face farooq? Voted him.
  3. Omfg, is that ketchup? XDDD

    You, my friend, top even my own video. I thought adding in the "what" chants during my promo was awesome, but @[Farooq]...

    ...you've got the friendship of magic in you. :yay:
  4. I have choose between Aids & Farooq :why:
  5. Bringing prestige back to the United States championship. Expect a winning promo with me and my championship soon.
  6. You bastard anti-Semites -.-

    (I joke)
  7. :damn: I should have seen this coming.
  8. And let this be known just because this is a lower midcard championship....don't expect long matches :true: you're all getting squashed and I'm going to bring the prestige the highest of the forum championships.
  9. Youd win by taking a chair over the head in the first 30 seconds.
  10. Naw I'll bitch slap the ref, take the championship, and walk out with his girlfriend :true:
  11. I was talking when you face me.
  12. Fine :tough: Extreme Rules then :tough:
  13. More like you get the title, and lay down for me to get the title. You can still say you won it before, i'll allow it.
  14. /me throws the belt into the crowd.

    Go get the belt, because that championship was disgusting. I am not simply the United States champion, I am now the United States Heavyweight champion of the World! And here is a new belt to signify my reign!
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  15. :eww:
  16. @[Farooq] I take it you are going to use your own belt? lol
  17. That's technically a different title....therefore this should be done again without Farooq :smug:
  18. :hmm:

    If everyone agrees, I will reset the poll, only minus farooq.
  19. Bull fucking shit. I can accept losing to farooq. Acailler? nah.