Voting Unknown vs Johnny B. Cool

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Who won

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  1. Unknown (adam)

  2. Johnny B Cool

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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    *Unknown jumps over the top rope and poses in the ring, he is a lot more angry than usual and grabs a mic*

    Ladies and gentlemen I will start this off like I always do by telling you that I have taken away your right to freedom of speech and that you can shut your mouths and keep your opinions to yourself instead of chanting against me in this match where I get to destroy the Colin Delaney of IWT and that is the preaching of god, the man who gets destroyed by any nobody who walks through those curtains think he is the shit, Johnny B Faggot. aka Mikey Whipwreck, IWT resident shithead. Now everyone I can predict exactly what that fucker will say as soon as he gets a hand of a mic. Hey guys, I have a shitty old car I bought a auction ten years ago, these are my sun glasses! I bought them for $2 at the carnival last week, I am super cool and em, I want a title shot! and I want on a main show! And I dont want dark matches! Well tough luck you little punk. I have watched you bitch and moan backstage about how you want everything handed on a plate to you. You were asking the wrong people. You ask me, you answer to GOD. Only god can give you what you want and I am not giving you anything.

    I sit from my command point, Johnny. I sit and I watch and I lay in wait, I watch every little thing that goes around here and I pull the plugs, that night when your car randomly stopped working, who think did that? That night when the power cut out in only your house on the block, who you think did that? You seem to forget that I exist and that I control everything well I do. And when you piss me off you piss off the most powerful man on earth and anywhere for that matter, There is a lot of people like Anonymous and Dat Kid who want to be me and try and imitate me but imitation is a sincere version flattery and it flatters and pisses me off when they do it so in the next few weeks I get to teach them both a lesson and you are, how can I put this, an example! of what I can do when there is no threat at hand, you are no threat Johnny. At least when I face Dat Kid and Anonymous they have some sort of threat on me even though they will get destroyed I still need to stay on guard when facing them, with you its like a lion vs a a little puppy. The puppy never wins that fight, you are the puppy. Just putting his hand out asking for everything and then you have enough arrogance to be cocky and basically spit in my face and show me a very severe lack of respect, you know how dangerous that is? spitting in the face of the man who provides everything for you? YOu act cocky when you cant even spell. The spit seeps into my skin and ignites a fire inside me that gives me even more power and and even more anger which will leave you tonight picking up pieces of your face from the ground.​
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  3. OOC: Yeesh. They say I break kayfabe.
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  4. OOC- -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.

    *The crowd starts to chant "Joey Bryant"*
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  5. OOC: That last GIF alone makes me not wanna vote for ya. But, you're lucky I'm doing this promo wise you cocky son of a bitch.
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  6. *Johnny B. comes down to the ring in a beach chair that is being lifted in the air by six beautiful women in bikinis. They carry him all the way down to the ring. He points to his cheek and gets 2 kisses for good luck. He takes a microphone that one of them hands him and has a huge grin on his face*

    Woah take it easy pal. Relax buddy! You know it’s downright disrespectful to me to have to compete in 2 matches in the same day but I’m not resorting to 3rd grade name calling. If IWT wants to, they can put me against many people as they want to. If they want their entire roster to be put into their place then that’s their call. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now Mr. Unknown, you deem yourself as an outcast but I’ve seen your kind multiple times. The reason you stay so anonymous is because you’re running away from the cruel reality of your life. You’ve been at IWT for quite a while now but you have gone absolutely nowhere. There’s a reason that people like Joey Bryant and Victoria Parker are where they are. The reason that you aren’t higher up than you would like to be is because you’ve never had that “It Factor”. Earlier on I defeated Reag. I’ve had my palates, met with Vin Diesel about my involvement in Fast 8, all is good. You should feel lucky that I fit beating you into my VERY tight schedule. You see I’m not whining about not being in the main event by now because trust me if I wanted to I would just buy my way to the top. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about me as of late because I’m only here because of my bank. I believe that this is nothing but pure jealousy. I mean I swear I’m a nice guy! I let my target for the night’s ugly friend stay in the bar for up to 45 minutes! And then there’s stuff going around like I don’t give back to my community. It’s horse shit! I do plenty for my community, I mean I’m in IWT for god sake. If you’re a little bit tense then just then just pick your poison.

    *He starts to look at the girls*

    Barbara, Jenny, Ashley, Katie, Brooke, Chloe, any one of these girls, all you have to do is ask. You see I have an entire waiting list of girls that would be thrilled to have some Johnny good time. You make fun of my 85 grand Chevy, my $2000 sunglasses when you don’t even have the own decency to tell anyone your own name. You said something about not giving me anything but us B. Cool’s don’t have stuff given, we TAKE. Just like how I’m going to TAKE the X Division championship off of Alias Antonio. Just like I have TAKEN this company by storm. You also said that I am not a threat to which you are right. I’m not a threat, I’m a nightmare kid! I say just calm down and B. Cool!​
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  7. Ladies and gentlemen here he is! The man who has jobbed to every son of a bitch backstage having the cocky attitude to tell me I have done nothing here, oh whats that? I cant here you over my Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship reigns.

    Nightmares, you want to talk about nightmares? Im your worst nightmare, I am that monster hiding under your bed you hope isn't real, im the nightmare you fell sleep and woke up still in, I am your worst fear that follows you everywhere you go until you just cant take it anymore. You come out here saying exactly what I knew you would, you talk about being in movies and who you have met, who cares? who honestly cares about what gay class you take at the gym? It means nothing here, until you get to the level of me you have no place confronting and disrespecting me. You talk about how you feel you are disrespected? No one respects you in the first place, you aint earned any respect you little punk. You talk about me not having any it factor and that I am not at the place they are well thats a load of horse shit just like nearly all of what comes out of your mouth, I am the person these people pay to see, you bow down to me, Joey Bryant bows down to me, VP bows down to me you all bow down to the almighty ruler and that is me, I dont hide from any life. I use this mask because none of you deserve to see my face and you never question your ruler again, minions dont see their rulers face and they certainly dont question him either, oh you have a tight schedule? Oh really? Is that a @Rysenberg schedule? 9AM: Wake up. 9.05AM: Fap until 12pm. 12PM: Eat. 12.10PM: Fap until 6pm. 6PM: Eat. 6.10PM: Fap until midnight. Midnight: Bed for last fap of the night then sleep. Try ruling the world and tell me you have a tight schedule. Only here because of your bank? Cmon you make less than a waiter, your a washed up son of a bitch with a cocky attitude and the only reason you are here is because you are sucking Jonathan's dick. Oh and those "women" you brought in, tranny prostitutes. Saw you paying them outside before the show.

    Whole list of girls? Your mom and aunts dont count. You aren't going to be taking anything from here except your loss. You think one win is "taking the company by storm" your hilarious, you should a comedian god damn.

    Johnny B Whatever your real last name is, you are nothing in this company. Coming in here with a cocky attitude and a chip on your shoulder with your fake glasses and your shitty rental car isn't going to impress me or anyone backstage. You are just going to make a whole lot of enemies that will each one by one destroy and crush you and all your little hopes and dreams and they will gladly watch your career tumble and fall like a tree being chopped down in a forest and no ones there to hear it, because as soon as you come on the TV everyone changes the channel.​
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  8. @Aids Johnson @Shadow voting time!

    Inb4 someone complains, 3 hours and 10 minutes is a long enough time to write a promo for a dark match.
  9. OOC: Shit, I fell asleep. Any way I can have like another hour?
  10. Well, fuck, already voted. My vote will probably stand the same no matter what though.
  11. I’ve heard you bitch about me not responding for a while now. You see the reason is because I had no clue who you were. It doesn’t matter if you were previously the Intercontinental Champion or if someone carried you into winning the tag team championships. I can’t hear about your past championship reigns over all of the money I’m rolling around in. The only thing that matters is where you are right now. You are nothing as of this moment, and you never were anything special to begin with. I am also aware that you said that my mom and aunts don’t count? Well do yours? If you were the person that people came here to see then I’m pretty sure these people wouldn’t be chanting Joey Bryant night in and night out. You are nothing but a little whiner that doesn’t have a big enough body for his own ego. You really think that I care if I don’t have your respect? I don’t care about anybody’s opinions. You see the only person I care about pleasing is myself.

    Making fun of my highly expensive cars and clothes is fine by me, because I bet your mask isn’t even designer! If I for some reason didn’t want to share my beautiful face to the world I would at least contact Giorgio Armani to whip me something up. People don’t pay to see you, they pay to see if my abs are as delicious as they look at home, live. Plus, your point of saying you were successful in the past is invalid because Johnny B. Cool was in his Convertible with a beach babe. Now that I am here, I guarantee that you will somehow become even more washed up and irrelevant than you already are. You can call my palates as gay as you want but you don’t get a body like this by staying at home watching Full House reruns with your good pal Potato Chips.

    I am where I am because of my connections in this world and my money. I don’t care about working hard and ultimately pulling through and reaching your goals. The only thing that matters is that I’m here and 7 billion people aren’t. You said something earlier that I was a puppy? You’re actually right! I’m soft (when I want to be), sweet, and your girl’s day would be made if she could cuddle with me. I am tired of people like you complaining because I have so much money. Lose the mask, clean up a little bit and you could too be like me one day, so don’t feel so hopeless! Yeah I mean sure, you may not be born into the most well respected family in the world in the B. Cool residence but I’m sure that you could find a way to pick up girls elsewhere. My voice is becoming a little bit raspy so if you don’t mind…Ladies!

    *Johnny claps his hands and the girls carry him to the back*
  12. OOC wall of text, make it into paragraphs please for the love of god.
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  13. OOC: Fixed.
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  14. Yeah voted for Full. Adams character doesn't work well the comedy in the promos, since he's supposed to be some super heel mysterious guy. I liked Fulls promos better to be honest. Both were good, just one was a bit better.
  15. Adam broke kayfabe too much. Plus, he posted a gif when he isn't even allowed to since it isn't an entrance, you should already know that, don't get too cocky. Look at Georgie Boy.
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  16. Shoe is on the other foot this time around
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  17. Didn't break kayfabe once.
  18. I voted for Adam because Cool beat Cole.....JK.i actually voted for Johnny because Adam you did break Kayfabe and Johnny has definley improved since our match
  19. OOC: When Adam is done I'm gonna bury him in a dark match
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