Unofficial no holds barred match Seabs vs Aids..

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  1. Welcome to the unofficial show I'm Mike Tenay and Oh.....

    :mad2: GTFO my thread... any way I'm Seabs Seablington and I'll be your commentator for tonight. I'd like to introduce the re-match the world was literally hoping would never happen, the battle of the Lockdown table toppers (your screen will have to be upside down or if you're Australian regular) Aids "Fuck Brewers Baseball" Johnson vs Seabs "The Seabs" urm Seabs?

    The match up will be settled by a kayfab Wrestlemania predictions contest neither of us will watch. :obama:

    The location - Somewhere in Cornwall, some guy called Cynthio has a ring he doesn't mind us dropping a few fist drops in ( :ryan: )

    The time - Lord knows and or cares.

    The winner gets Francine The Jock for a night, a triple pack of durex (play safe kids, don't try this at home :otunga: ), enough vodka and roofies to leave the stallion that is Gohan spread eagle for a week.

    The loser gets his profile raped so Username, avatar, Signature and user title can be altered.

    If it's a tie @Stopspot or @"Dolph'sZiggler" can alter the sigs or whatever, if they don't offer a fuck to give we'll ignore it completely. :cornette:

    @"Team Frank Top/Aids Bottom" do you accept the propisition?
  2. OH HELL YES! :pipebomb:
  3. Oh another boring prediction contest match, because the last one went oh so well. At least you'll have something to do at the PPV Aids, since you won't be going for the WWE championship
  4. Brother stop blurring the lines of kayfabe, fine then we'll do an afro growing challenge.
  5. More entertaining than another predictions contest. Be a man
  6. :no:
  7. I figured you'd say that. I'd like to bring everyone's attention to the titantron. Former WWE Champion Seabs who refuses to promo battle and be a man has a new gimmick on the way. Yeah, spoiler alert baby. To further reflect how much of a woman this guy is, here's Seabs' new persona


    Ladies and Gentleman the persona of femininity, the bender of genders and genitals, Queen Seabs!
  8. :yes: time to borrow Dat Kids balls, wait error 404 balls not found oh maybe not then.

    Also why are you keeping pictures of me you sick freak?
  9. My balls not found? Yeah because I'm the one who gave up the WWE championship to walk away from the IWT. I've been in matches with almost every person in the IWT, so you're looking at the man with the biggest balls in the world my friend. You're just lucky it's Senhor facing me at Wrestlemania and not you...the again you would probably end up forfeiting the title before the match even happened
  10. Fun fact I've got a match up with the WWE champion the night after Wrestlemania Jonathan confirmed so who knows you might end up with a one night reign but if there rumours are true you're used to finishing early.

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    kayfabbing is fun with you Kid
  11. I don't even.... what the...
  12. So you can just waltz in here and get a title shot like that huh? Shame, but after I win the WWE Championship, you won't be facing me in no submission match (prediction match)'ll be facing me in extreme rules buddy which is my environment.

    And another thing, Wrestlemania is a month away from Extreme rules and unlike you I will be having a match every week until then, I'm not a part time punk bitch like the rest of the WWE champions we've had.

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    so I've been told :happy:
  13. All i hear is, "Hey guys how many times do i have to fight Rodrigo before people consider me credible!!!"

    Seabs vs Aids in a predictions cup, at WM. By the time we get the results, i should already be the IWT champion, and you will be competing in the divas division against Victoria whateversheusesasherlastname. Face it, you are lower mid card, we are champions. Life isn't fair, and neither is our IWT :boss1:
  14. Funny because im not the one who gets his ass handed to him by Seabs on a daily basis. Aids the only reason you booked this match is because your ego just couldnt keep you out of Wrestlemania. When i cement my legacy as the 1st IWT superstar to win in the main event at Wrestlemania, you'll just be an after thought. It's time for you to roll over and die old man
  15. You're right, i cant imagine me caring about WM without me being in it. Daily basis? I see someone is still hurt about the last two pages of asskicking they got from Seabs. I get it, can't beat him, but can shit talk to me? I am going to beat you in a laughable victory. You are going to have to wipe your tears with your El Nino mask, and then i am going to own seabs name/avatar/sig for 2 weeks after. I understand you being scared. 2 weeks ago, i assumed i would beat seabs (he won by a coin flip) and would be laughing my way into facing you. Instead, i care less about WWE and TNA because i am only watching for my predictions cup, knowing i will beat you and then face senhor before hitting a 3run shot clear out of the park, beating seabs.

    I am going to beat you, demolish Senhor, and then give Seabs another good reason to be the IWT coward he is. Your time is up, my time is now.
  16. :eww: Was a great promo until that line.
  17. [​IMG]

    Gotta use it, seabs stuck me with the fucking sig, im going to use it to my advantage. Worst case, cheap laugh.
  18. I forgot you even existed :pity: After i beat from, you and I will face off for a sad WM title match. Undeserving vs Champ Johnson, WildWildGuest vs Ervin the Champ, Canada vs USA :pity2: You have no chance.

    Just do me a favor, make sure you show up without your dx friends, i'll be having Jonathan check on the group vote %, so good luck to you and From. :obama:
  19. Funny how you "left" nWo just before WM so that when you buy their votes you can say, "I'm not even in that group anymore".
  20. @Britanica i want this post edited/deleted. There is no proof that leaving nWo was for the sake of getting votes in our new system. No one knows how i new system will work, or who it will help out. :phew: