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  1. Remember the name, these young men are going to be big.
  2. :dafuq: Solidus made a thread!! :win:
  3. Bored me for some reason. Flow is decent but it just sounds so generic. I don't see anything separating them from the rest.
  4. How about this, Crayo?

  5. This one is much better. Linking pretty well between flows. Just downloaded that.
  6. Get more at http:emoji_confused:/thespecktators.com/

  7. Just downloaded full album.

    @Dolph's: Lyrics are quite sick, who does he remind me of though?
  8. There are a few underground New York rappers with the same sort of style and sound as Aesop. IMO Cage and MF Doom are pretty similar.
  9. So, your thoughts on the two I posted, Dolph?
  10. [yt]http:emoji_confused:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKQObbeDNpw[/yt]

    Just posting because Lethal > Life
  11. Not my style. I was fine with the beats but wasn't crazy about the way the lines were delivered or his flow.

    I'm picky as shit when it comes to hip hop though. Everything has to be right for me to really want to pick up on a new artist. You have to have nice beats as a prerequisite, the lyrics have to be worth me listening to, your flow has to be on point. I'm just a picky bastard


    He is cool in my book just for that Korean Zombie tee
  12. Very fussy myself. Ah well, it can't be suited to everyone.
  13. From the looks of it, both of you are very enticed into American hip hop. Not a fan of the English? I'm sure Akala, Righteous and Lowkey would give most a run for their money in the states personally. Righteous can be sloppy sometimes but his lyrics are insane.


    He mocks his subscribers too, all the time. Sucha boss.
  14. A bit off topic but if you like American Hip Hop chances are you'll like this :

  15. Louie is such a boss show. That guy keeps winning with his tee selection

    and yea... I don't listen to English hip hop. Nothing against them, there are just plenty of American rappers I can listen to :dawg:
  16. Yawn imo.

    Fair enough I guess. I also prefer American rap because there is a lot more better rappers, it's rare to get a few good ones here. But we do have some outstanding ones imo.
  17. Never English, only American.
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  18. Sucha traitor.

    Sucha sick track, though I'm a political rapping fanboy.
  19. I look at it sort of like foreign films. I'm not shitting on them, I'm sure there are a lot of good ones out there.. I just don't watch them. I'm not really exposed to English rappers at all. I'm not as big into rap as I once was, and there are tons of American rappers I'd like to listen to more than I don't.. I just would never get around to listening to English rappers even if I wanted to

    oh and Crayo did you DL Skelethon? such a sick album. I've been playing it in my truck for a month now since it came out. Aesop is in my fave 5