Update on Austin potentially being at WM 29

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  1. Dayum. Understandable though.
  2. He may be there for 30, I think.
  3. I agree, I'm sure he'll be there for WM 30.
  4. It became obvious after awhile he wasn't wrestling at 29 because it's being overbooked as it is. There's also a rumor (that might be dead now, I don't keep up with these things) that they wanna do one last HHH-HBK match there as well.
  5. I think it'll be Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Hell in a Cell
    For Wrestlemania
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  6. I think it should wait until Wrestlemania 30. Honestly I'd rather have it that he doesn't wrestle at all because he might hurt himself, but if he is going for a last match it should be on 30 since he;ll get more attention there hopefully.
  7. WM 29 is too soon :finger: and the card is too good. come back at 30 and people will go crazy! :burns:
  8. No SCSA at Raw1000 essentially proved to me ive seen the last of him, unless he goes into the papers for declaring bankruptcy first. No sleep lost here.
  9. To be honest, as much as I love Austin and he is definitely the GOAT, I'm not sure how well he'll draw tbh.

    SCSA returning would be huge but not now not after the 1000th RAW!

    Wait and cash in as I feel SCSA at the right time would be a huge draw. End next year maybe SS end of WWE 13 and the AE forever?
  11. They shouldn't do HIAC two years in a row at WM. Besides, we've seen a HIAC match between these two before.

    As for Austin having one more match, I'd be fine if he didn't wrestle again at all. There's really no one around I'd care to see him fight other than maybe Cena, but I doubt they'd put him against Austin after he's already gone up against the Rock, and besides, he should be fighting Taker at WM30. Don't even care for an Austin/Punk match to be honest.
  12. The only reason Austin wasn't at Raw1000 is because he had JUST had surgery on his knee and wasn't very mobile. He wanted to be there, and no doubt would've been in some capacity if not for that knee. As for a "one last match" scenario, I don't see it happening, although it would be nice to have him come back and just plain raise hell for a night.
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