Update on Bryan vs Sheen at Summerslam

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. source is Meltzer so take it with a grain of salt as you should with all dirt sheets.
  2. Translation: "I just made this up on the spot so I won't say if he is or isn't going because I don't want to be embarrassed"
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  3. aw.. was so excited to see a match between them..
  4. You actually thought Sheen would wrestle?
  5. It's WWE, didn't you? :dawg: :charlie:
  6. WWE are scared of having Sheen under the same roof as Orton and Mysterio it would seem... :dawg:
  7. HAHA imagine the afterparty!

  8. Throw Evan Bourne in there too.
  9. yeah man! it will be better than the match with Snooki!
  10. Now I'll never get to see if he comes out to "Wild Thing" as his entrance music like in Major League
  11. That would be so cool! Man that would make me mark my tits off as I love that film!
  12. Hah me too. Oddly enough that movie was my childhood...a very vulgar hilarious part of it.

    My dream scenario would be that DB threatens Sheen in some capacity and its up in the air whether or not he'll show up to fight. DB is in the ring waiting, and then Wild Thing hits, maybe with an intro of Charlie Sheen saying "I'm bi winning, I win here and I win there". He walks out in a ripped sleeves Indians jersey and they do a street fight.

    WWE...get it done.
  13. Epic!

    My fave film as a youngster also. Still love it to this day had to but it on region free blu ray in the UK as only way to own a copy! Cost me £20 but so worth it!
  14. http:emoji_confused:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFrl4U4eIJU

    They should even quote the "I have a hunch he's due". Maybe have him lose to Bryan a few times first.
    And I don't own it on blu-ray, but it's on my list of things. Still got an old VHS (that's pretty much useless now...but it's the memory that counts I suppose.)
  15. Something about that scene makes me mark out I know the outcome of the film but I get butterflies and cant help but get hugely excited when he walks out!
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  16. Well, it depends, it would get some attention on Bryan but if he was to be buried by Kane then meh.
  17. Lmao that would be epic if he came out to Wild Thing. Even putting on the glasses I would mark.
  18. I don't care what anybody else says; this would be awesome.

    Edit: Didn't read all the posts first, just responded, so I didn't see the support this idea already had.

    Yes, WWE! Get it done!

  19. I still think that he'll be there. He might be in the crowd.
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