Ring of Honor Update on Elgin and ROH

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Sep 7, 2014.

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  2. In other words, Elgin is a dumb fuck, and I don't feel for him at all.

    Elgin is awful and was a terrible choice for main event push in first place. Dude's horrendous, it speaks volumes that even Gedo & Jado picked O'Reilly, Fish and Mike Freakin' Bennet before him. Remember his pathetic "Has NJPW booked me yet?" twitter campaign that was supposed to be a light-hearted fun but came across as a total debacle and embarrassment? Yeah, fuck Elgin.

    I hear Styles/Cole was too botchy, btw.
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  3. I lost my shit during that match.
  4. Not a fan of Elgin, so I'm not upset at all. Dumb pumpkin headed bitch.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Well, I marked out hard for Jay winning the belt, so I really don't care why it happened. :dawg:
    It was pretty weird though.
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